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opencensus-java - A stats collection and distributed tracing framework

  •    Java

OpenCensus is a toolkit for collecting application performance and behavior data. It currently includes 3 apis: stats, tracing and tags. The library is in Beta stage and APIs are expected to be mostly stable. The library is expected to move to GA stage after v1.0.0 major release.

cloud-debug-nodejs - Node

  •    TypeScript

Beta. This is a Beta release of the Stackdriver Debugger agent for Node.js. These libraries might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and are not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.See also, Setting up Stackdriver Debugger for Node.js.


  •    Java

Google Cloud Trace SDK for Java is a Java library that provides tools, best practices, and examples for integrating with Google Cloud Trace, a feature of Google Cloud Platform that collects, displays, and analyzes latency data from applications.

stackdriver-errors-js - Client-side JavaScript exception reporting library for Stackdriver Error Reporting

  •    Javascript

This is not an official Google product. This module is experimental and may not be ready for use.This experimental library provides Stackdriver Error Reporting support for client-side web JavaScript applications. Stackdriver Error Reporting is a feature of Google Cloud Platform that allows in-depth monitoring and viewing of errors reported by applications running in almost any environment. For server-side Node.js error reporting, use this other library.

stackdriver-reverse-proxy - Simple HTTP proxy to automatically traces the incoming requests

  •    Go

stackdriver-reverse-proxy is an HTTP/HTTPS proxy to automatically trace all the incoming requests.The authentication is automatically handled if you are running the proxy server on Google Cloud Platform. If not, see the Application Default Credentials guide to enable ADC.

stackdriver_exporter - Google Stackdriver Prometheus exporter

  •    Go

A Prometheus exporter for Google Stackdriver Monitoring metrics. It acts as a proxy that requests Stackdriver API for the metric's time-series everytime prometheus scrapes it. This exporter can be deployed using the Prometheus BOSH Release.

ax - A CLI tool to query structured logs, including Kibana, Cloudwatch, Stackdriver, Docker and plain JSON file logs

  •    Go

It's a structured logging world we live in, but do we really have to look at JSON logs? Not with Ax. to install in the current directory.


  •    Javascript

Install bunyan and bunyan-stackdriver... If you are running on Google Cloud Platform, authentication will be taken care of automatically. If you're running elsewhere, or wish to provide alternative authentication, you can specify the keyFilename pointing to a service account JSON key.

aiozipkin - Distributed tracing instrumentation for asyncio with zipkin

  •    Python

aiozipkin is Python 3.5+ module that adds distributed tracing capabilities from asyncio applications with zipkin (http://zipkin.io) server instrumentation. zipkin is a distributed tracing system. It helps gather timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problems in microservice architectures. It manages both the collection and lookup of this data. Zipkin’s design is based on the Google Dapper paper.

gke-monitoring-tutorial - This project walks you through setting up monitoring and visualizing metrics from a Kubernetes Engine cluster

  •    Python

Stackdriver Monitoring is used to visualize the performance, uptime, and overall health of your applications. The Stackdriver Monitoring console allows you to visualize data across all projects in GCP in a single interface. This tutorial will walk you through setting up Monitoring and visualizing metrics from a Kubernetes Engine cluster. It makes use of Terraform, a declarative Infrastructure as Code tool that enables configuration files to be used to automate the deployment and evolution of infrastructure in the cloud. The logs from the Kubernetes Engine cluster will be leveraged to walk through the monitoring capabilities of Stackdriver.

gke-tracing-demo - This project introduces you to Stackdriver's tracing feature, and provides a distributed tracing example that can serve as a basis for your own applications

  •    Python

When supporting a production system that services HTTP requests or provides an API, it is important to measure the latency of your endpoints to detect when a system's performance is not operating within specification. In monolithic systems this single latency measure may be useful to detect and diagnose deteriorating behavior. With modern microservice architectures, however, this becomes much more difficult because a single request may result in numerous additional requests to other systems before the request can be fully handled. Deteriorating performance in an underlying system may impact all other systems that rely on it. While latency can be measured at each service endpoint it can be difficult to correlate slow behavior in the public endpoint with a particular sub-service that is misbehaving. Enter distributed tracing. Distributed tracing uses metadata passed along with requests to correlate requests across service tiers. By collecting telemetry data from all the services in a microservice architecture and propagating a trace id from an initial request to all subsidiary requests, developers can much more easily identify which service is causing slowdowns affecting the rest of the system.

microservices-demo - Sample cloud-native microservices application composed of 10 tiers

  •    CSharp

This project contains a 10-tier microservices application. The application is a web-based e-commerce app called “Hipster Shop” where users can browse items, add them to the cart, and purchase them. Google uses this application to demonstrate Kubernetes, GKE, Istio, Stackdriver, gRPC and similar cloud-native technologies nowadays.

stackdriver-tools - Stackdriver Nozzle for Cloud Foundry Loggregator, Host Monitoring Agents BOSH Release

  •    Go

This release provides Cloud Foundry and BOSH integration with Google Cloud Platform's Stackdriver Logging and Monitoring. The project was developed in partnership with Google and Pivotal and is actively maintained by Google.

gcloud-opentracing - OpenTracing Tracer implementation for GCloud StackDriver in Go.

  •    Go

OpenTracing Tracer implementation for GCloud StackDriver in Go. Based on basictracer and implemented Recorder for this propose. or other tool for vendoring.

google-cloud-dotnet-debugger - .NET Core Debugger for the Stackdriver Debugger.

  •    C++

.NET Core Debugger for the Stackdriver Debugger. Stackdriver Debugger is a feature of the Google Cloud Platform that lets you inspect the state of an application at any code location without using logging statements and without stopping or slowing down your applications.

nodejs-error-reporting - Node

  •    TypeScript

Node.js idiomatic client for Error Reporting. Stackdriver Error Reporting aggregates and displays errors produced in your running cloud services.

nodejs-logging - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js idiomatic client for Logging. Stackdriver Logging allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

nodejs-logging-bunyan - Node.js client integration between Stackdriver Logging and Bunyan.

  •    TypeScript

This module provides an easy to use, higher-level layer for working with Stackdriver Logging, compatible with Bunyan. Simply attach this as a transport to your existing Bunyan loggers. Read more about the client libraries for Cloud APIs, including the older Google APIs Client Libraries, in Client Libraries Explained.

nodejs-logging-winston - Node.js client integration between Stackdriver Logging and Winston.

  •    TypeScript

This module provides a higher-level layer for working with Stackdriver Logging, compatible with Winston. Simply attach this as a transport to your existing Winston loggers. Read more about the client libraries for Cloud APIs, including the older Google APIs Client Libraries, in Client Libraries Explained.

nodejs-monitoring - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js idiomatic client for Monitoring. Stackdriver Monitoring collects metrics, events, and metadata from Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), hosted uptime probes, application instrumentation, and a variety of common application components including Cassandra, Nginx, Apache Web Server, Elasticsearch and many others.