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js-stack-from-scratch - 🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to my modern JavaScript stack tutorial: JavaScript Stack from Scratch. This is a straight-to-the-point guide to assembling a JavaScript stack. It requires some general programming knowledge, and JavaScript basics. It focuses on wiring tools together and giving you the simplest possible example for each tool. You can see this tutorial as a way to write your own boilerplate from scratch. Since the goal of this tutorial is to assemble various tools, I do not go into details about how these tools work individually. Refer to their documentation or find other tutorials if you want to acquire deeper knowledge in them.

react-native-snap-carousel - Swiper/carousel component for React Native with previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and RTL support

  •    Javascript

Swiper component for React Native featuring previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and RTL support. Compatible with Android & iOS. This app is available on Android and iOS. It uses version 3.2.0 of the plugin, with FlatList's implementation and parallax images.

react-magic-hat - 🎩✨Library to implement the Magic Hat technique, blazingly fast 🚀

  •    Javascript

React implementation of what I call the Magic Hat UI technique [DEMO]. 🚀 Blazing fast. 60+ FPS hardware-accelerated CSS transforms, using the FLIP technique. Fluid and performant. Thanks to react-flip-move for that.

redux-breadcrumb-trail - A stack-based breadcrumb component for react, react-redux, and react-router v3

  •    Javascript

This is a Breadcrumb component for react, redux, and react-router v3 that supports a stack-based trail that follows your actual navigation through the application. Ordinarily breadcrumb components work by tracing your static <Routes> layout. If your app contains a lot of side-navigation between un-nested pages, a dynamic stack-based breadcrumb can be useful to you. This package is intended to be installed along with react-router v3, redux, and react-redux. So be sure you have those prerequisites installed as well.

stack-styled - Stacking layouts for React

  •    Javascript

React component to make stack layouts easy: adds whitespace horizontal and vertical whitespace between each child element but not around the container. Based on styled-system and CSS Grid. We recommend to use this component with Grid Styled. See documentation & examples.

react-stack-nav - Simple universal navigation for React Native and React

  •    Javascript

The examples repo is over here. You can also check out a real-world example in the Carbon UI Docs source.

react-native-elastic-stack - Elastick Stack for React Native

  •    Javascript

Please clone the repo and run npm run storybook or yarn storybook to show examples of usages.

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