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Buckets-Swift - Swift Collection Data Structures Library

  •    Swift

Buckets is a complete, tested and documented collections library for swift.Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that automates the process of adding frameworks to your application.

Algorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

  •    Ruby

This is repository of data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript and Ruby. Some of the algorithms are from Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell . Contributions are welcome! Please read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct on how to contribute. This project is Licensed under the MIT License.

js-symbol-tree - Turn any collection of objects into its own efficient tree or linked list using Symbol

  •    Javascript

Turn any collection of objects into its own efficient tree or linked list using Symbol. This library has been designed to provide an efficient backing data structure for DOM trees. You can also use this library as an efficient linked list. Any meta data is stored on your objects directly, which ensures any kind of insertion or deletion is performed in constant time. Because an ES6 Symbol is used, the meta data does not interfere with your object in any way.

DataStructures - A collection of Data Structures implemented in Swift.

  •    Swift

A collection of data structures implemented in Swift. All collection types are implemented as structures with the exception of the LinkedList data structure. This means they are copied when they are assigned to a new constant or variable, or when they are passed to a function or method.

TypeScript-STL - The Standard TypeScript/JavaScript Library

  •    HTML

The Standard JavaScript/TypeScript Library (STL) is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve common problems. STL provides a set of standard datastructures. They are grouped here by their underlying implementation which usually defines their general field of application.

es-collections - An ES6/ES2015 (JavaScript) collections library including Stack, Queue, and PriorityQueue

  •    Javascript

es-collections is an ES6/ES2015 (JavaScript) collections library including Stack, Queue, and PriorityQueue data structures. Map and Set were added in ES2015. This library adds other frequently used collections with an interface consistent with those additions.

eter - Lightweight collections for JavaScript

  •    TypeScript

Éter is a conglomerate of lightweight collections for JavaScript running on node and browser. A Stack is a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) data structure.

Data-Structures-In-Java - Data Structures implemented in Java

  •    Java

This repository contains various data structures and provide insights about them. Feel free to create an issue if you see one in any of the implementations. Below topics/problems are covered as of now.