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Algorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

  •    Ruby

This is repository of data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript and Ruby. Some of the algorithms are from Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell . Contributions are welcome! Please read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct on how to contribute. This project is Licensed under the MIT License.

TypeScript-STL - The Standard TypeScript/JavaScript Library

  •    HTML

The Standard JavaScript/TypeScript Library (STL) is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve common problems. STL provides a set of standard datastructures. They are grouped here by their underlying implementation which usually defines their general field of application.

Data-Structures-In-Java - Data Structures implemented in Java

  •    Java

This repository contains various data structures and provide insights about them. Feel free to create an issue if you see one in any of the implementations. Below topics/problems are covered as of now.