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trycatch - An asynchronous domain-based exception handler with long stack traces for node.js

  •    Javascript

A domain-based asynchronous try/catch with (optional) long stack traces for node.js optimized for V8. WARNING: trycatch replaces the built-in global Error object.

stackman - He is like Batman, but for Node.js stack traces

  •    Javascript

Give Stackman an error and he will give an array of stack frames with extremely detailed information for each frame in the stack trace.With Stackman you get access to the actual source code and surrounding lines for where the error occurred, you get to know if it happened inside a 3rd party module, in Node.js or in your own code. For a full list of information, check out the API below.

electron-unhandled - Catch unhandled errors and promise rejections in your Electron app

  •    Javascript

You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process.You probably want to call this both in the main process and any renderer processes to catch all possible errors.

ensure-error - Ensures a value is a valid error by making it one if not

  •    Javascript

Pass it any value and you're are guaranteed to get back an Error with name, message, and stack properties.Can be useful when you don't control all the places an error can be thrown or rejected. A user could for example throw a string or an error without a stack property.

extract-stack - Extract the actual stack of an error

  •    Javascript

It gracefully handles cases where the stack is undefined or empty and returns an empty string.Returns the actual stack part of the error stack.

clean-stack - Clean up error stack traces

  •    Javascript

Removes the mostly unhelpful internal Node.js entries.Also works in Electron.

node-stackedy - Roll your own stack traces and control program execution through AST manipulation.

  •    Javascript

Roll your own stack traces and control program execution through AST manipulation.Create a new stack object.

node-syntax-error - detect and report syntax errors in source code strings

  •    Javascript

Detect and report syntax errors in source code strings.When you type node src.js you get a friendly error report about exactly where the syntax error is. This module lets you check for syntax errors and report them in a similarly friendly format that wrapping a try/catch around Function() or vm.runInNewContext() doesn't get you.

erroz - Create abstract errors with meta-data, stack-traces and speaking error-messages.

  •    Javascript

Typical strategies of parsing errors are fragile and couple code to the error messages. By defining error objects consistently, working with errors becomes predictable and efficient. The name displayed when the error is thrown.

react-native-error-reporter - For the ease of your clients to report you crash issues

  •    Javascript

Aims to replicate ARCA and connect to Crashlytics. For the ease of your clients to report you crash issues. After reporting the crash, the default Crash red screen will come out / crash when in production mode. The images above shows the current steps you will go through for the crash reporting process. The steps below heavily relies on rnpm. Please install this if you don't have it.

clarify - Remove nodecore related stack trace noise

  •    Javascript

To active require clarify. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

stackinfo - Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers.

  •    Javascript

Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers. If you want to programmatically inspect the stack, this is the module for you. This uses stacktrace.js to get stack traces. stackinfo([<exception>]) - returns stack trace information in the below format. If <exception> is passed, the stacktrace will be taken from that exception, otherwise a stacktrace will be generated for the current call. Passed exceptions doesn't work in IE or Safari 5 (this is a limitation of stacktrace.js).

think-trace - Error trace for ThinkJS 3.x

  •    HTML

think-trace is an error handler for ThinkJS 3.x and koa2. It provides a pretty error web interface that helps you debug your web project.

stack-displayname - Show custom function names in error stack traces of V8 (Node.js)

  •    Javascript

Chromium, Firefox and Safari agreed and implemented ability to set custom string as function name via non-standard property displayName on function instance. You can see those custom names in debugger stack and so easier track source of error in long traces of anonymous functions.

stacky - Stacky parses stack traces from various sources, and formats them in readable ways.

  •    Javascript

pretty Provides several options allowing you to tweak the output format to your liking.

node-error-ex - Easy error subclassing and stack customization

  •    CoffeeScript

Returns a constructor (Function) that can be used just like the regular Error constructor. This is a helper function. It is to be used in lieu of writing a value object for properties values.