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TIFFStack - Load TIFF files into matlab fast, with lazy loading

  •    Matlab

This class allows you to access a TIFF file as a matlab tensor, while only reading the data that you need from disk. A TIFFStack object appears like a four-dimensional tensor, with dimensions for rows, columns, frames and channels (multiple samples per pixel). These objects can be passed transparently into other functions that expect matlab tensors. If you need to process only a portion, or only one channel of a TIFF stack, then this class will save you allocating the enormous amounts of memory required to load the entire file. TIFFStack is also much faster than using imread to read each frame of the TIFF file separately. TIFFStack attempts to use libTiff, which is directly supported in recent Matlab versions. This provides dramatic speed-ups, and is a good deal faster than using imread or the Matlab Tiff class. If libTiff is not available, then Matlab-only code is used to read image data. permute, ipermute, transpose and ctranspose are also transparently supported.