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gods - GoDS (Go Data Structures)

  •    Go

Implementation of various data structures and algorithms in Go.Containers are either ordered or unordered. All ordered containers provide stateful iterators and some of them allow enumerable functions.

mlens - ML-Ensemble – high performance ensemble learning

  •    Python

ML-Ensemble combines a Scikit-learn high-level API with a low-level computational graph framework to build memory efficient, maximally parallelized ensemble networks in as few lines of codes as possible. ML-Ensemble is thread safe as long as base learners are and can fall back on memory mapped multiprocessing for memory-neutral process-based concurrency. For tutorials and full documentation, visit the project website.



01. Stack 02. Queue 03. List 04. Hash Table 05. Binary Tree 06. Red Black Tree

piladb - Lightweight RESTful database engine based on stack data structures

  •    Go

[pee-lah-dee-bee]. pila means stack or battery in Spanish.piladb is a lightweight RESTful database engine based on stack data structures. Create as many stacks as you need, PUSH or POP elements of any kind, and have access to the one on top always in constant time.

stack-honeypot - Inserts a trap for spam bots into responses.

  •    PHP

A port of Rack::Honeypot to Stack for PHP. Wrap your HttpKernelInterface app in an instance of CHH\Stack\Honeypot or add it to your middleware stack.

Algorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

  •    Ruby

This is repository of data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript and Ruby. Some of the algorithms are from Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell . Contributions are welcome! Please read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct on how to contribute. This project is Licensed under the MIT License.

endless - Stack overflow freedom

  •    Python

This tiny library helps you to write recursive functions without any ''stack overflow'' related pain. It works fine until the value thing is less then a sys.getrecursionlimit().

stackset-controller - MOVED -> https://github.com/zalando-incubator/stackset-controller

  •    Go

The Kubernetes StackSet Controller is a proposal (along with an implementation) for easing and automating application life cycle for certain types of applications running on Kubernetes. It is not meant to be a generic solution for all types of applications but it's explicitly focusing on "Web Applications", that is, application which receive HTTP traffic and are continuously deployed with new versions which should receive traffic either instantly or gradually fading traffic from one version of the application to the next one. Think Blue/Green deployments as one example.

cfn-encrypt - πŸ”‘πŸ”β˜οΈ Cloudformation custom resource that enables creation of KMS encrypted strings and SSM secure parameters

  •    Python

This is the template that provision the lambda function. This is the arn of the kms key you want to use for encryption. If the key is located in another AWS account make sure that it allows the account you create the stack in Encrypt action on the key.

rips-old - Rust IP Stack - A userspace IP stack written in Rust (Work in progress)

  •    Rust

This repository is in a messy state. I kind of had UDP working, but then I realized the design was flawed. So now everything is torn apart and I'm slowly putting it back together again. Don't expect beautiful code, nor great functionality, before the 0.1.0 release. rips is a TCP/IP stack implemented in Rust and backed by pnet for its raw ethernet access.

PyStacks - Python wrapper around AWS Cloudfromation & Boto3 SDK

  •    Python

Python AWS stack creation. Pystacks is a thin wrapper on top of cloudformation and the AWS API. It takes in definition YML templates (hereafter referred to as stacks) and converts them into either a cloudformation JSON file or calls the Amazon API to create/modify/delete resources. The stack files live in different projects where appropriate for each desired environment.