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bash-my-aws - Bash functions for managing AWS resources simply and easily

  •    Shell

bash-my-aws assists Infrastructure Jockeys using Amazon Web Services from the command line. This project provides short, memorable commands for realtime control of resources in Amazon AWS. The goal is to reduce the time between intention and effect.

docker-elastic-stack - ELK Stack Dockerfile

  •    Shell

This repository contains a Dockerfile of the Elastic Stack. NOTE: tag geoip is the same as tag latest, but includes the ingest-geoip and the ingest-user-agent plugins.

OCSInventory-Docker-Stack - Docker stack for OCSInventory Server

  •    Shell

OCS (Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation) is an assets management and deployment solution. Since 2001, OCS Inventory NG has been looking for making software and hardware more powerful. OCS Inventory NG asks its agents to know the software and hardware composition of every computer or server. OCS Inventory NG includes the packet deployment functionality to be sure that all of the softwares environments which are on the network are the same. From the central management server, you can send the packets which will be downloaded with HTTP/HTTPS and launched by the agent on client’s computer. The OCS deployment is configured to make the packets less impactable on the network. OCS is used as a deployment tool on IT stock of more 100 000 devices.

bamboo-docker - Bamboo Docker Rancher

  •    Shell

Set of docker images to install Atlassian Bamboo Agent based on phusion/baseimage-docker. Here you can find info how to setup Bamboo on Rancher.

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