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gods - GoDS (Go Data Structures)

  •    Go

Implementation of various data structures and algorithms in Go.Containers are either ordered or unordered. All ordered containers provide stateful iterators and some of them allow enumerable functions.

piladb - Lightweight RESTful database engine based on stack data structures

  •    Go

[pee-lah-dee-bee]. pila means stack or battery in Spanish.piladb is a lightweight RESTful database engine based on stack data structures. Create as many stacks as you need, PUSH or POP elements of any kind, and have access to the one on top always in constant time.

stackset-controller - MOVED -> https://github.com/zalando-incubator/stackset-controller

  •    Go

The Kubernetes StackSet Controller is a proposal (along with an implementation) for easing and automating application life cycle for certain types of applications running on Kubernetes. It is not meant to be a generic solution for all types of applications but it's explicitly focusing on "Web Applications", that is, application which receive HTTP traffic and are continuously deployed with new versions which should receive traffic either instantly or gradually fading traffic from one version of the application to the next one. Think Blue/Green deployments as one example.