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dslib - :herb: A library of "connected" data structures in C

  •    C

The goal of dslib is to demonstrate how complex data structures (and related algorithms) can be developed by reusing simpler ones. In general, textbooks come with numerous unrelated examples each relevant to a specific DS. dslib, on the other hand, grows by consuming the earlier data structures. The core component is a circular doubly linked list. Library-internal data structures are dynamically (de)allocated.

the-stack - Website and datasets for The Stack, Daily Bruin's data journalism and newsroom tech blog

  •    HTML

Daily Bruin's data journalism and newsroom tech blog. Follow these instructions. When given the choice, install Rouge instead of Pygments for syntax highlighting. Here are some other considerations when using Jekyll on Windows.

OCSInventory-Docker-Stack - Docker stack for OCSInventory Server

  •    Shell

OCS (Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation) is an assets management and deployment solution. Since 2001, OCS Inventory NG has been looking for making software and hardware more powerful. OCS Inventory NG asks its agents to know the software and hardware composition of every computer or server. OCS Inventory NG includes the packet deployment functionality to be sure that all of the softwares environments which are on the network are the same. From the central management server, you can send the packets which will be downloaded with HTTP/HTTPS and launched by the agent on client’s computer. The OCS deployment is configured to make the packets less impactable on the network. OCS is used as a deployment tool on IT stock of more 100 000 devices.