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coffee-trace - An easier way to match javascript lines to corresponding coffee-script in stack-traces

  •    CoffeeScript

Coffee-Trace makes debugging coffeescript code easier by attempting to point corresponding coffeescript code and line numbers and styling the stacktrace a little bit. WARNING: This is obviously for suited development needs and by no means intended for production use. It is also, by far, my ugliest piece of code. You've been warned.

coffeestack - CoffeeScript Stacktrace Converter

  •    CoffeeScript

Module to convert JavaScript stack traces to CoffeeScript stack traces.

node-error-ex - Easy error subclassing and stack customization

  •    CoffeeScript

Returns a constructor (Function) that can be used just like the regular Error constructor. This is a helper function. It is to be used in lieu of writing a value object for properties values.