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potion - _why the lucky stiff's little language (the official repo... until _why returns)

  •    C

Potion is an object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language. Just-in-time compilation to x86 and x86-64 machine code function pointers. This means she's a speedy one. Who integrates very well with C extensions.

dslib - :herb: A library of "connected" data structures in C

  •    C

The goal of dslib is to demonstrate how complex data structures (and related algorithms) can be developed by reusing simpler ones. In general, textbooks come with numerous unrelated examples each relevant to a specific DS. dslib, on the other hand, grows by consuming the earlier data structures. The core component is a circular doubly linked list. Library-internal data structures are dynamically (de)allocated.

Sporth - A small stack-based audio language.

  •    C

Sporth (short for SoundPipe fORTH), is a small stack-based musical language, roughly inspired by stack languages like Forth and PostScript. This will generate a 5 second audio clip of sound.