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babel-plugin-source-map-support - A Babel plugin which automatically makes stack traces source-map aware

  •    Javascript

In conjunction with the source-map-support module, which must be installed separately, this statement hooks into the v8 stack-trace API to translate call sites in the transpiled code back to their corresponding locations in the original code. Note: this only works in environments which support the v8 stack-trace API (e.g. Node.js and Chrome), though it's harmless in other environments.

drmingw - Postmortem debugging tools for MinGW.

  •    C++

Dr. Mingw is a Just-in-Time (JIT) debugger. When the application throws an unhandled exception, Dr. Mingw attaches itself to the application and collects information about the exception, using the available debugging information. Dr. Mingw can read debugging information in DWARF format — generated by the Gnu C/C++ Compiler, and in a PDB file — generated by the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. It relies upon the DbgHelp library to resolve symbols in modules compiled by the Microsoft tools.

clarify - Remove nodecore related stack trace noise

  •    Javascript

To active require clarify. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

mapstrace - Print useful stack-traces for combined/minified/compiled javascript files

  •    Javascript

A really simple library for printing human-readable stack-traces for combined, minified and/or compiled javascript files. It assumes that your javascript file(s) have source maps (index.js -> index.js.map etc).

stack-trace-art - The art of throwing exceptions that turn stack traces into beautiful images

  •    CSharp

Stack Trace Art is the art of throwing exceptions that create beautiful drawings on callers' stack traces. You can read more about its origin in my original blog post on Stack Trace Art. All these beautiful pieces of art are taken from the stackTraceangelo Art Gallery.

pasta-sourcemaps - Pretty (and) Accurate Stack Trace Analysis is an extension to the JavaScript source map format that allows for accurate function name decoding

  •    TypeScript

pasta, or Pretty (and) Accurate Stack Trace Analysis, is an implementation of an extension to the source map format that allows for accurate function name decoding. It allows you to extract function-related metadata from a source file and encode it into a source map, as well as decode a pasta-enriched source map to query enclosing function names for a given location. Source code often gets modified one way or another before hitting production - through transpilation, minification, etc. Looking at a "raw" crash stack of generated code can be hard work.