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how2 - stackoverflow from the terminal

  •    Javascript

if it gives you EACCES errors, you need to fix npm permissions. Or you can just use sudo npm install -g how2 if you don't care. After that you can press SPACE to go to the interactive mode, where you can choose a different stackoverflow question/answer.

soddi - StackOverflow Data Dump Importer

  •    CSharp

StackOverflow Data Dump Importer. Forked from https://bitbucket.org/bitpusher/soddi/ after the original author passed away.

stackexchange-answers - Code for my answers on Stack Exchange.

  •    Shell

Complete code for my answers posted on Stack Exchange. Apache 2.0; see LICENSE.txt for details.

alfred-stackoverflow - Search StackOverflow.com from Alfred

  •    Python

Search for answers on StackOverflow.com from Alfred 2 & 3. Get StackOverflow for Alfred from GitHub or Packal.