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react-apollo - :recycle: React higher-order component for Apollo Client

React Apollo allows you to fetch data from your GraphQL server and use it in building complex and reactive UIs using the React framework. React Apollo may be used in any context that React may be used. In the browser, in React Native, or in Node.js when you want to server side render.React Apollo unlike many other tools in the React ecosystem requires no complex build setup to get up and running. As long as you have a GraphQL server you can get started building out your application with React immediately. React Apollo works out of the box with both create-react-app and React Native with a single install and with no extra hassle configuring Babel or other JavaScript tools.

redux-taxi - 🚕 Component-driven asynchronous SSR in isomorphic Redux apps

ReduxTaxi allows for component-driven asynchronous server-side rendering in isomorphic/universal React+Redux apps.When you have asynchronous actions that you want to be processed on the server (at instantiation time, e.g. in the constructor) before responding to the client, you'll need to explicitly register them to avoid an Error being thrown. The motivation behind this throw is explained later in this document.