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xmall - 基于SOA架构的分布式电商购物商城 前后端分离 前台商城:Vue全家桶 后台管理系统:Dubbo/SSM/Elasticsearch/Redis/MySQL/ActiveMQ/Shiro/Zookeeper等

  •    Java

基于SOA架构的分布式电商购物商城 前后端分离 前台商城:Vue全家桶 后台管理系统:Dubbo/SSM/Elasticsearch/Redis/MySQL/ActiveMQ/Shiro/Zookeeper等

SSM - :two_hearts: build SSM from 0 👉🏽👉🏽 distributed micro service.

  •    Java

I'll update some skills in actual development aperiodically.There are no complicated operation flows or xxx system,just some practical shares about skills. This is because I have a dependency on my jar package in the project, which is not published to the maven central factory library.

ssm - 手把手教你整合最优雅SSM框架:SpringMVC + Spring + MyBatis

  •    Java

手把手教你整合最优雅SSM框架:SpringMVC + Spring + MyBatis

SimpleStateManager - A responsive state manager which allows you to run different javascript at different browser widths

  •    Javascript

Simple State Manager (SSM for short) is a javascript state manager for responsive websites. It is built to be light weight, has no dependencies (except javascript of course) and aims to be really easy to simply drop into your project ready to use. As a state manager, SSM allows you to target different javascript towards different states of your site. It allows you to define as many states as your site requires and allows you to have independent Enter, Leave and Resize events for each of the states.

seckill - Java高并发秒杀API(慕课网)

  •    Java


.Net SSM


CarPC software for your SSM2-compatible Subaru. Also a data-logger and library the Subaru Select Monitor protocol.

env-aws-params - Inject AWS SSM Parameters as Environment Variables

  •    Go

env-aws-params is a tool that injects AWS EC2 Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store Key / Value pairs as Environment Variables when executing an application. It is intended to be used as a Docker Entrypoint, but can really be used to launch applications outside of Docker as well. The primary goal is to provide a way of injecting environment variables for 12 Factor applications that have their configuration defined in the SSM Parameter store. It was directly inspired by envconsul.

terraform-aws-ssm-parameter-store - Terraform module to populate AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store with values from Terraform

  •    HCL

Terraform module for providing read and write access to the AWS SSM Parameter Store. This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.


  •    Javascript

Install via npm. Note: aws-param-env does not contain a dependency on aws-sdk and it should be installed within your application.


  •    Javascript

Install via npm. Note: aws-param-store does not contain a dependency on aws-sdk and it should be installed within your application.

ssm-sh - Experiment to use SSM RunCommand instead of SSH

  •    Go

Little experiment to mimic SSH by using SSM agent to send commands to remote instances and fetching the output. Grab a binary from the releases.

json2ssm - AWS Parameter Store import & export functionality for JSON

  •    Go

json2ssm - provides JSON import, export and delete functionality when working with AWS SSM parameter store while keeping original data types. AWS SSM Parameter Store is a great service for centrally storing and managing application parameters and secrets. However, seeding parameters often becomes an adhoc process when parameters are added manually or provisioned from different scripts which makes it difficult to promote applications between environments.

terraform-aws-kms-key - Terraform module to provision a KMS key with alias

  •    HCL

Terraform module to provision a KMS key with alias. Can be used with chamber for managing secrets by storing them in Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store.

J2eeAdvanced - Java Web进阶学习的一些源码加详细讲解(Java Web advanced learning with some source code and detailed explanation)

  •    Java

Java Web进阶学习的一些源码加详细讲解(Java Web advanced learning with some source code and detailed explanation)

himl - A hierarchical yaml config in Python

  •    Python

A hierarchical config using yaml in Python. A python module which allows you to merge hierarchical config files using YAML syntax. It offers deep merge, variable interpolation and secrets retrieval from secrets managers.

pstore - Environment variable-based AWS Parameter Store command shim

  •    Go

pstore is a tiny utility to make usage of AWS Parameter Store an absolute breeze. Simply prefix your application launch with pstore exec <yourapp> and you're up and running - in dev or prod. AWS ECS now has support for specifying secrets from Parameter Store directly in ECS task definitions, making pstore obsolete for some use cases.

sshm - Easy connect on EC2 instances thanks to AWS System Manager Agent

  •    Go

Easy connect on EC2 instances thanks to AWS System Manager Agent. Just use your ~/.aws/profile to easily select the instance you want to connect or on create a tunnel to. SSH is great, SSH is useful, we do love SSH as the sysdadmins we are but AWS doesn't let us add several keys except with a custom userdata or else. With SSH we have to set up a bastion and open security groups to some CIDR or even use a VPN. AWS SSM Agent permits to simplify this process, no need to share keys, no port to open, no instance to set up, you only use your IAM (with MFA) user and all which is done is logged in S3. See :https://docs.aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/latest/userguide/what-is-systems-manager.html.

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