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bitcoin-ssid-ticker - Real time price ticker for Bitcoin over wifi SSID names

  •    Shell

This uses mdk3 to transmit raw beacon management frames identifying as wifi access points with custom SSIDs. These APs don't really exists and can't be connected to.The network names are configured in ssid.txt, one SSID per line. %P is replaced with current (rounded) price, %C is replaced with the 24h price change. Network names are limited to 32 bytes.

geocode-wifi - Returns a latitude and a longitude given an array of wifi access points

  •    Javascript

Returns a latitude and a longitude given an array of wifi access points.This module needs network access in order to communicate with Google so it can triangulate the provided access points.

esp8266_beaconSpam - Creates up to a thousand WiFi access points with custom SSIDs.

  •    C++

🐦 Twitter | 📺 YouTube | 🌍 spacehuhn.de Advertise hundrets of WiFi access points with custom SSIDs. Support the development of this project by purchasing one of the official deauther boards. Or become a patron on patreon.com/spacehuhn. Using the SD card might be useful for some people... but thanks to the magic of git, you can still view the old repository here.

FGRoute - Get your device ip address, router ip or wifi ssid

  •    C

FGRoute is written on C and Objective C (includes Swift support), it helps developers to get rid of dealing with WiFi interfaces. iOS 8 and later.

macos-wifiname - Display the currently connected WiFi name (SSID) in the menu bar on macOS

  •    Swift

You should see the name of the WiFi you're connected to in the Mac status/menu bar. When you switch to a different WiFi the name will be updated automatically. If you click on the WiFi name displayed it will show you two options: Toggle Visibility or Quit. Toggle Visibility will replace the WiFi name with "_" using as many characters as the currently connected WiFi name.