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Next.js - Framework for server-rendered or statically-exported React apps

  •    Javascript

Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, and more. No config needed.

Statamic - Flat-first, Laravel + Git powered CMS designed for building beautiful, easy to manage websites

  •    PHP

Statamic is built as a highly extendable, standalone capable, Laravel package. If you’re already a Laravel developer, you’ll feel right at home extending core features with Models, Service Providers, and Middleware. You can even drop it into existing Laravel applications to add a full CMS in seconds.

vite-ssg - Server-side generation for Vue 3 on Vite

  •    TypeScript

Server-side generation for Vue 3 on Vite. ℹī¸ Vite 2 is supported from v0.2.x, Vite 1's support is discontinued.

berber - Static site generator generator on top of gulp ecosystem

  •    Javascript

Berber is a tool for creating your own static site generator cli with the combination of gulp plugins and/or gulp compatible transforms. There are lots of nice gulp plugins and utilities on npm, so most of transformations / transpilations / bundlings of static resources which are necessary for various kind of demands can be done by the existing plugins and modules. You can build your own static site generator for your specific demands with these abundant ecosystem and can automate lots of your build configuration tasks for static site building. With berber, you can build static site generator with 2 main commands build and serve.Suppose your tool's name is foobar, then your command works as development server when called like foobar serve. It outputs static resources when called like foobar build. What you need to set up with berber is only your build pipelines using berber.asset(paths) method.

gulp-static-site-generator - A static site generator for gulp supporting markdown, templates, pretty URLs and more

  •    Javascript

A static site generator for gulp supporting markdown, templates, pretty URLs and more. You can find an example implementation in ./demo within this plugin's repository.

jekyll-vue-template - A starter template for Jekyll projects with Vue

  •    Ruby

A Jekyll project template that uses Vue.js single file components complete with webpack bundling and optimizations. jekyll-vue-template is an opinionated, but minimal boilerplate for creating statically generated sites with Jekyll and Vue.js. It supports Vue single file components and webpack optimizations including code-splitting and cache-control.

frontman - 💎 A Ruby-based static website generator

  •    Ruby

⚠ī¸ Frontman is currently in an alpha release, which can involve breaking changes. However, we try to preserve backwards compatibility as much as possible, and we document all changes in the changelog. Frontman is a static site generator written in Ruby, optimized for speed. It helps you convert your content to static HTML files, so you can focus on your content instead of maintaining servers.

stencil-ssg - Stencil Static Site Generation Utilities

  •    Javascript

Uses Prism at build-time for code block syntax highlighting. Prism JavaScript is not needed at run-time, however the Prism CSS must be provided by the site.

base-blog - A template repository to build a blog with Lume static site generator

  •    Javascript

A starter repository showing how to build a blog with the Lume static site generator. This project started as a fork of eleventy-base-blog but adapted to Lume and with the NetlifyCMS.

preview-mode-demo - This demo showcases Next.js' next-gen Static Site Generation (SSG) support.

  •    TypeScript

This demo showcases Next.js' next-gen Static Site Generation (SSG) support. Next.js is the first hybrid framework, allowing you to choose the technique that fits your use case best on a per-page basis: Static Generation or On-Demand rendering.

graphql-ssg - GraphQL data based Static Site Generator.

  •    TypeScript

Init a new project. This will create graphql-ssg.json in current directory. You don't need a package.json but you can add one for type completions. Set up config.


  •    Vue

My personal website, technology stack based on Vue.js 3.0, and Vite 2.0, use Server Side Generation.