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rediSQL - Redis module that provides a completely functional SQL database

  •    Rust

RediSQL is a module for Redis that embed a completely functional SQLite database. RediSQL enables new paradigm where is possible to have several smaller decentralized databases instead of a single giant one.

js-ddl - Gets you a JSON Schema from PostgreSQL or SQLite3

  •    Javascript

DDL.js is a library that queries database and table schemas (currently from PostgreSQL and SQLite3) and describes their columns with JSON Schema v4. You can use DDL.js for introspection, to prepare your domain models and set up simple type coercions or validations for those database columns. This way you can have the same convenience that Ruby on Rails's ActiveRecord provides, but in the JavaScript world.

electron-RxDB - RxDB is a high-performance, observable object store built on top of SQLite & intended for database-driven Electron applications

  •    Javascript

RxDB is a high-performance, observable object store built on top of SQLite. RxDB draws inspiration from CoreData and Relay and is intended for database-driven Electron applications. It was originally built for the Nylas N1 mail client. View the API Reference on GitHub Pages.

tropy - Research photo management

  •    Javascript

Bring order to your research — use the power of Tropy to organize and describe your research photos so you can quickly find your sources whenever you need them. Visit tropy.org to learn more or follow @tropy on Twitter for important announcements. To get started, download the latest version of Tropy for your platform, check out the user's manual and join the discussion on the forums.