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EntityFrameworkCore extensions: Bulk operations (Insert, Update, Delete, Read, Upsert, Sync) and Batch (Delete, Update). Library is Lightweight and very Efficient, having all mostly used CRUD operation. Was selected in top 20 EF Core Extensions recommended by Microsoft. It is targeting NetStandard 2.0 so it can be used on project targeting NetCore(2.0+) or NetFramework(4.6.1+). Current version is using EF Core 2.2 and at the moment supports Microsoft SQL Server(2008+) and SQLite. EFCore/v.Nuget: EFCore2.1/v2.4.1 EFCore2.0/v2.0.8, and for EF Core 1.x use 1.1.0 (targeting NetStandard 1.4) Under the hood uses SqlBulkCopy for Insert, for Update/Delete combines BulkInsert with raw Sql MERGE. For SQLite there is no BulkCopy, instead library uses plain SQL combined with UPSERT. Bulk Tests can not have UseInMemoryDb because InMemoryProvider does not support Relational-specific methods. If Windows Authentication is used then in ConnectionString there should be Trusted_Connection=True; because Sql credentials are required to stay in connection.

Bulk-Operations - C# SQL Bulk Operations | High performance C# bulk insert, update, delete and merge for SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, MySQL and SQLite

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You need to output newly generated identity value but SqlBulkCopy do not support it.Map your identity column with output direction.

Dapper-Plus - Dapper Plus - High-Efficient Bulk Actions (Insert, Update, Delete, and Merge) for .NET

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Dapper Plus is a NuGet library that you can add to your project that will extend your IDbConnection and IDbTransaction interface with high efficient Bulk Actions Helpers (Insert, Update, Delete, and Merge).It can be used with or without Dapper, and it's compatible with all others Dapper packages.

EntityFramework-Extensions - Entity Framework Bulk Operations | Improve Entity Framework performance with Bulk SaveChanges, Insert, update, delete and merge for SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, MySQL and SQLite

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Solve Entity Framework performance issue when saving with high performance bulk operations and hundred of flexibles feature.You need to save hundreds or thousands of entities but you are not satisfied with Entity Framework performance.

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