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yesql - A Clojure library for using SQL.

  •    Clojure

Yesql is a Clojure library for using SQL.Frozen. Maintainer sought.

GRDB.swift - A toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development

  •    Swift

Follow @groue on Twitter for release announcements and usage tips. GRDB provides raw access to SQL and advanced SQLite features, because one sometimes enjoys a sharp tool. It has robust concurrency primitives, so that multi-threaded applications can efficiently use their databases. It grants your application models with persistence and fetching methods, so that you don't have to deal with SQL and raw database rows when you don't want to.

TextQL - Execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV

  •    Go

TextQL allows you to easily execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV.

SQLx - The Rust SQL Toolkit

  •    Rust

SQLx is an async, pure Rust SQL crate featuring compile-time checked queries without a DSL. It is truly Asynchronous. Built from the ground-up using async/await for maximum concurrency. It has support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MSSQL.

goqu - SQL builder and query library for golang

  •    Go

In order to start using goqu with your database you need to load an adapter. We have included some adapters by default. Adapters in goqu work the same way as a driver with the database in that they register themselves with goqu once loaded.

jinjasql - Simplify creation and maintenance of complex SQL queries by using Jinja based template language

  •    Python

JinjaSQL is a template language for SQL statements and scripts. Since it's based in Jinja2, you have all the power it offers - conditional statements, macros, looping constructs, blocks, inheritance, and many more. JinjaSQL doesn't actually execute the query - it only prepares the query and the bind parameters. You can execute the query using any database engine / driver you are working with.

SQLBuilder - A powerful, fast, cross-platform SQL Builder for PHP

  •    PHP

If you're looking for something that is not an ORM but can generate SQL for you, you just found the right one. SQLBuilder is not an ORM (Object relational mapping) system, but a toolset that helps you generate cross-platform SQL queries in PHP.

go-sqlbuilder - A flexible and powerful SQL string builder library plus a zero-config ORM.

  •    Go

Package sqlbuilder provides a set of flexible and powerful SQL string builders. The only goal of this package is to build SQL string with arguments which can be used in DB#Query or DB#Exec defined in package database/sql. Use go get to install this package.

sql-parser - A validating SQL lexer and parser with a focus on MySQL dialect.

  •    PHP

A validating SQL lexer and parser with a focus on MySQL dialect. The API documentation is available at https://develdocs.phpmyadmin.net/sql-parser/.

DbExtensions - Data-access framework with a strong focus on query composition, granularity and code aesthetics

  •    CSharp

DbExtensions is a data-access framework with a strong focus on query composition, granularity and code aesthetics. It supports both POCO and dynamic (untyped) mapping. See the project home and the documentation for more information.

go-activerecord - it is a sql builder for golang

  •    Go

it is a sql builder for golang.Chain style to build your sql. It is easy to read from database or write data to database.

data - Fast DB-independent DAL for

  •    CSharp

Lightweight high-performance data access components for generating SQL commands, mapping results to strongly typed POCO models or dictionaries, schema-less CRUD-operations with RecordSet. Generic implementation of DbFactory can be used with any ADO.NET connector.

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