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Magnetic - SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music)

  •    Swift

Magnetic is a customizable bubble picker like the Apple Music genre selection. A Magnetic object is an SKScene.

BreakOutToRefresh - Play BreakOut while loading - A playable pull to refresh view using SpriteKit

  •    Swift

BreakOutToRefresh uses SpriteKit to add a playable mini game to the pull to refresh view in a table view. In this case the mini game is BreakOut but a lot of other mini games could be presented in this space. Add BreakOutToRefreshView.swift to your project.

ParticlesLoadingView - A customizable SpriteKit particles animation on the border of a view.

  •    Swift

With ParticlesLoadingView you can create your own amazing SpriteKit particles animations with the Xcode's built-in Particle Emitter Editor that looks like the following picture. Go ahead and create your own particles animation by doing File ➡️ New File ➡️ iOS Resource ➡️ SpriteKit Particle File. To see it in action, run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. The example project shows how to set up ParticlesLoadingView in a few different ways.

ios-learning-materials - 📚Curated list of articles, web-resources, tutorials and code repositories that may help you dig a little bit deeper into iOS

  •    Swift

Last Update: 10/October/2018. Curated list of articles, web-resources, tutorials, Stack Overflow and Quora Q&A, GitHubcode repositories and useful resources that may help you dig a little bit deeper into iOS. All the resources are split into sub-categories which simlifies navigation and management. Feel free to use and suggest something to learn (iOS related of course 😜).

TouchBreakout - Play Breakout game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 用 Touch Bar 在 Mac 上玩打砖块游戏

  •    Swift

Play Breakout Game on your Touch Bar, using SpriteKit. 😢The Apple Review teams said the original name TouchBreakout leverages the name 'Breakout', so when launching I have to change the name to TouchBrickout.

Glide - Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples and tutorials

  •    Swift

glide is a SpriteKit and GameplayKit based engine for building 2d games easily, with a focus on side scrollers. glide is developed with Swift and works on iOS, macOS and tvOS. glide is developed with Entity-Component-System architecture. In short, this makes it easy to manage the code of your game, which might quickly get messy as you add more stuff. In addition to that, loads of building components common to 2d platformers that will get you quickly started is also included in the engine.

node-spritekit - A node.js API for creating 2D games for iOS using SpriteKit

  •    Javascript

A node.js API for creating 2D games for iOS using SpriteKit

Pong - Pong clone written with SpriteKit for OS X

  •    Objective-C

This game is free software; it is distributed under the MIT License.

Spiny - Minimal and addictive spinning game 🎮

  •    Swift

Spiny is a minimal and addictive spinning game.

HaskellSpriteKit - Haskell binding to Apple's SpriteKit framework

  •    Haskell

Open source under BSD3 license. Contributions under the same license are most welcome. To build this project, you need a recent version of Xcode and GHC 8.0.2. If you don't want to build it yourself, a pre-compiled version comes with Haskell for Mac, which also provides the best Haskell SpriteKit development experience.

lazy-lambda - Lazy Lambda — a Flappy Bird clone in Haskell with SpriteKit

  •    Haskell

For the best Haskell SpriteKit development experience, check out Haskell for Mac. The Lazy Lambda code in this repository already comes in the form of a Haskell for Mac project.

spacequest-ios - Full source code of a working iOS game, space shooter, written in Swift using SpriteKit

  •    Swift

Full source code of a working iOS game. Yet another take on a space shooter game. The game falls into Shoot 'em up video games genre. It is written in Swift and uses SpriteKit- graphics rendering and animation infrastructure built into iOS. All vector graphics and image assets created in Inkscape and GIMP. The app was created as a multi-weekend project long time ago. It is updated to run in the latest IDEs, but couple of things could be either added or improved. Not having time to do it is the problem.

ios-nd-alien-adventure - Starter code for Alien Adventure project in Udacity's iOS Nanodegree.

  •    Swift

This repository contains starter code for the Alien Adventure project in Udacity's iOS Nanodegree. Alien Adventure is an intergalactic "click-to-continue" game. The game's main robot protagonist needs your help answering questions posed by aliens who block its path.

ShaderKit - A library of fragment shaders you can use in any SpriteKit project.

  •    GLSL

ShaderKit is an open-source collection of fragment shaders designed for use in SpriteKit games. The shaders are designed to be easy to read and understand, even for relative beginners, so you’ll find each line of code is rephrased in plain English as well as an overall explanation of the algorithm used at the top of each file. If you’re already comfortable with shaders then please download one or more that interest you and get going. If not, most of the the remainder of this README acts as a primer for using shaders in SpriteKit.

ios-spritekit-shader-sandbox - 👾 Collection of custom effects for SpriteKit implemented using GLSL/Metal shaders

  •    Swift

Last Update: 21/September/2018. An iOS project demonstrating how to use GLSL and Metal Shaders with SpriteKit framework 👾. The purpose of the app is to serve as a sandbox that allows to quicly prototype and experiment with fragment shaders. Currently there are 12 custom fragment shaders. More shaders will be added on a regular basis.

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