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spring-cloud-cloudfoundry - Integration between Cloudfoundry and the Spring Cloud APIs

  •    Java

Spring Cloud for Cloudfoundry makes it easy to run Spring Cloud apps in Cloud Foundry (the Platform as a Service). Cloud Foundry has the notion of a "service", which is middlware that you "bind" to an app, essentially providing it with an environment variable containing credentials (e.g. the location and username to use for the service).The spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-web project provides basic support for some enhanced features of webapps in Cloud Foundry: binding automatically to single-sign-on services and optionally enabling sticky routing for discovery.

spring-cloud-pipelines - Codebase containing Concourse and Jenkins opinionated pipelines

  •    Shell

Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are tools that allow developers speed up the time of creating new business features. It’s common knowledge however that the feature is only valuable if it’s in production. That’s why companies spend a lot of time and resources on building their own deployment pipelines.A common way of running, configuring and deploying applications lowers support costs and time needed by new developers to blend in when they change projects.

spring-cloud-release-tools - Tools used for the Spring Cloud release process

  •    Java

Spring Cloud projects reuse the same pattern of building and deploying the applications. That’s why this tool makes it easy to automate the release / dependency update process of our applications.

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