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cassandre-trading-bot - Cassandre is an open-source framework that makes it easy to create your crypto trading bot in Java

  •    Java

Cassandre is an open-source framework that makes it easy to create your crypto trading bot in Java. Our Spring boot starter takes care of exchange connections, accounts, orders, trades, and positions so you can focus on building your strategy.

handlebars-spring-boot-starter - Spring Boot auto-configuration for Handlebars

  •    Groovy

Spring Boot Starter support for Handlebars.java (logic-less templates).Spring Boot Starter Handlebars will automatically register handlebars helpers based on project dependencies. Add any handlebars helper to dependencies and you can start using it.

cas-client-autoconfig-support - Annotation-based configuration support for Apereo CAS Java clients

  •    Java

Library providing annotation-based configuration support for CAS Java clients. Primarily designed for super easy CASification of Spring Boot apps. This project was developed as part of Unicon's Open Source Support program. Professional Support / Integration Assistance for this module is available. For more information visit.

membrane-spring-boot-starter - A Spring Boot Starter for Membrane Service Proxy.

  •    Java

A Spring Boot Starter for Membrane Service Proxy. Forward all GET requests starting with /jokes to The Internet Chuck Norris Database API.

spring-backend-boilerplate - The modularized backend boilerplate based on Spring Boot Framework, easy to get started and add your business part

  •    Java

The quick development boilerplate based on Spring (Boot) Framework which covers the general case of Java backend application something like Account Module, Security Foundation, Audit System, File Upload/Download, Message Notification, Role Based Access Control etc. And we also provide the CRUD sample to show how manage the item list , add new one item , update it or remove it.

wicket-spring-boot - Spring Boot starter for Apache Wicket

  •    Java

This project (should) makes it easy to create Wicket projects with a minimum of configuration effort. Is uses Spring Boot to autoconfigure Wickets core and extension with an reasonable default value which can be overridden over property files. This parent project holds default configuration for the underlying sub modules

spring-boot-starter - Spring Boot support for Watson services

  •    Java

This project adds Spring Boot support for the Watson services. This means that you can now "auto-wire" any of the Watson services into your Spring Boot application using the standard Spring autoconfiguration framework.

spring-cloud-marathon - Spring Cloud integration with Mesos and Marathon

  •    Java

Mesos and Marathon helps you to orchestrate microservices or other artifacts in distributed systems. In fact Marathon keeps information about current configuration including location of service, its healhchecks etc. So, do we need third-party system that keeps configuration and provides service discovery features? If you don't have any serious reason the answer will be "No". DiscoveryClient implementation (supports Ribbon, Feign and Zuul).

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