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ce - Jspreadsheet is a lightweight vanilla javascript plugin to create amazing web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets compatible with other spreadsheet software

  •    Javascript

Jspreadsheet CE is a lightweight Vanilla JavaScript plugin to create amazing web-based interactive HTML tables and spreadsheets compatible with other spreadsheet software. You can create an online spreadsheet table from a JS array, JSON, CSV or XSLX files. You can copy from excel and paste straight to your Jspreadsheet CE spreadsheet and vice versa. It is very easy to integrate any third party JavaScript plugins to create your own custom columns, custom editors, and customize any feature into your application. Jspreadsheet CE has plenty of different input options through its native column types to cover the most common web-based application requirements. It is a complete solution for web data management. Create amazing applications with Jspreadsheet CE JavaScript spreadsheet. React Implementation A full example on how to integrate Jspreadsheet CE with React.

sheetfu - Python library to interact with Google Sheets V4 API

  •    Python

Sheetfu was built to interacts with Google Sheets with a simple, intuitive, and fast API. The primary goal of this library is to adapt the Google App Script API for spreadsheets, to Python. With Sheetfu, you can easily get or set cell values, background colors, font colors or any other cell attributes. For better security, you can also create your SpreadsheetApp object with environment variables instead of the secrets.json file.

node-google-spreadsheet - Google Spreadsheets Data API for Node.js

  •    Javascript

A simple Node.js module for reading and manipulating data in Google Spreadsheets. This example is simply meant to show some of the things you can do.

spreadsheet - A CommonJS module for reading Google Spreadsheets.

  •    Javascript

A CommonJS module for reading Google Spreadsheets. It's available on npm, so a simple npm install spreadsheet should be enough.

gsheets - Get public Google Sheets as plain JavaScript/JSON

  •    Javascript

Get public Google Sheets as plain JavaScript/JSON. Node.js >= 4 is required.

google-sheets-api - Unofficial Google Sheets node API

  •    Javascript

An unofficial client for reading data from Google Sheets, since googleapis does not come with one.

medium-editor-handsontable - 📊 Handsontable extension for MediumEditor

  •    Javascript

MediumEditor Handsontable is an extension to add handsontable spreadsheets to MediumEditor. Saving states is easy and compatible with the medium-editor .serialize method. In order to make this work, the extension keeps the dimensions and data of the spreadsheets in the respective element's data attributes (updated as the spreadsheet is edited).

google-sheets - Google Spreadsheets nodejs library

  •    Javascript

A simple to use library for interacting with Google Spreadsheets. Current Google Sheets only supports authorized usage via GoogleClientLogin. It also only supports accessing spreadsheets through the private urls with the full projection. If this doesn't make any sense go read the Google Spreadsheets API documentation.

FPSheet - FPSheet: A Spreadsheet program with Haskell as the scripting language

  •    Haskell

The prototype was written in C, it can be tried out in the c-prototype branch. I am currently rewriting the tool in Haskell, which I am doing in this master branch. FPSheet is a spreadsheet program, where the scripting language for computing cell's values from formulas runs Haskell internally. This arguably provides a more uniform experience than what is provided by the scripting languages of standard spreadsheet programs. Note: this README currently assumes some familiarity from the reader with ghc's ghci tool.

i-sheet-you-not - Automagically turn Excel spreadsheets into Alfred 3 Workflows

  •    Python

Create auto-updating Alfred 3 workflows from Excel worksheets. I Sheet You Not is a workflow generator/template for Alfred 3. It reads data from an Excel workbook and displays it in Alfred. You can specify which rows and columns the data are read from, and changes to the data are picked up automatically by the workflow.

sheetfu-apps-script - A Google apps scripts ORM to manipulate spreadsheets as database tables.

  •    Javascript

More importantly, you can loop through every rows/items in the table the following way and add the execution worflow that you need. Every examples above assume that the target sheet only contains the table data. In many cases, we have more complex sheets that contains multiple mini grid/tables. Sheetfu can easily handle this situation by creating a table from a Range object instead of a sheet name. The submitted Range object must contain the header on its first line.

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