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XMLSpreadGear helps to generate Excel files using the collection of an object. Concept of transforming is based on the open excel specification. Using this utility one can export data from a collection directly to excel file. Any project based on .net technology can use this.

XOOXml library

A strong-typed library class based on OOXML SDK 2.0, to create Xlsx files

node-xlsx-writer - Simple XLSX writer for Node.js.

Simple XLSX writer. Reverse-engineered from sample XLSX files.In other words: The key names are used for the first row (headers), The values are used for the columns. All field names should be present in the first row.

airrecord - Ruby wrapper for Airtable, your personal database

Airrecord is an alternative Airtable Ruby libary to airtable-ruby. Airrecord attempts to enforce a more database-like API to Airtable.To obtain your API client, navigate to the Airtable's API page, select your base and obtain your API key and application token.