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AutoSpotting - Saves up to 90% of AWS EC2 costs by automating the use of spot instances on existing AutoScaling groups

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AutoSpotting is the leading open source spot market automation tool, optimized towards quick/easy/frictionless adoption of the EC2 spot market at any scale. It is usually set up to monitor existing long-running AutoScaling groups with minimal configuration changes(often just tagging them, but even that can be avoided by using their existing tags), yielding the usual 70%-90% Spot cost savings but in a better integrated, more cost effective and easier to adopt way than the alternative tools and solutions.

autospotting - Automatically replace AWS EC2 instances in AutoScaling groups with identically configured but up to 90% cheaper spot instances

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A simple and easy to use tool designed to significantly lower your Amazon AWS costs by automating the use of spot instances. When installed and enabled on an existing on-demand AutoScaling group, AutoSpotting clones one of your on-demand instances from the group with a spot instance that is cheaper, at least as large (automatically considering memory, CPU cores and disk volumes) and configured identically to it. Once the new spot instance is ready, it is attached to the group and an on-demand instance is detached and terminated to keep the group at constant capacity.

instance-drainer - Library and command-line tool for cleanly draining user traffic from EC2 instances for maintenance or before being terminated

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This is a small utility that will de-register the current AWS EC2 instance from its ELB so that it cleanly stops receiving user traffic before being terminated. It can be used for any EC2 instance, but it was primarily designed for usage on spot instances which are more prone for rapid termination.

hollowtrees - A ruleset based watchguard to keep spot instance based clusters safe, with plugins for VMs, Kubernetes, Prometheus and Pipeline

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Hollowtrees is a wave for the highest level, the pin-up centrefold for the Mentawai islands bringing a new machine-like level to the word perfection. Watch out for the vigilant guardian aptly named The Surgeons Table, whose sole purpose is to take parts of you as a trophy. Hollowtrees, a ruleset based watchguard is keeping spot instance based clusters safe and allows to use them in production. Handles spot price surges within one region or availability zone and reschedules applications before instances are taking down. Hollowtrees follows the "batteries included but removable" principle and has plugins for different runtimes and frameworks. At the lowest level it manages spot based clusters of virtual machines, however it contains plugins for Kubernetes, Prometheus and Pipeline as well.

telescopes - Telescopes is a cluster instance types and full cluster layout recommender consisting of on-demand and spot/preemptible AWS EC2, Google, Azure, Oracle and Alibaba cloud instances

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Telescopes is a world-class left that offers lots of surfing flexibility and allows entry to a flawless, steady tube section. It's predictable and rarely pinches, is deeper than other reefs and handles the constant traffic of intermediates and experts alike. Telescopes is a cluster instance types and full cluster layout recommender consisting of on-demand and EC2 spot or Google Cloud preemptible instances. Based on predefined resource requirements as CPU, memory, GPU, network, etc it recommends a diverse set of cost optimized node pools.

terraform-aws-spotgpu - Fully automated provisioning of AWS EC2 Spot Instances for Deep Learning workloads using Terraform

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Terraform is an open source tool developed by Hashicorp, which allows you to codify your infrastructure. This means that you can write configuration files, instead of having to click around in the AWS or any cloud provider's console. The files are in pure text format, and therefore can be shared, versioned, peer-reviewed just like any other code. Basically, Terraform is a tool that helps you with achieving Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The orchestration space is very green, but I think Terraform is the standout option. This repository contains a terraform module for provisioning EC2-based Spot Instances on AWS, specifically for Deep Learning workloads on Amazon's GPU instances, by taking advantage of automation and friendly declarative configurations.

spot-termination-exporter - Prometheus spot instance exporter to monitor AWS instance termination with Hollowtrees

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Prometheus exporters are used to export metrics from third-party systems as Prometheus metrics - this is an exporter to scrape for AWS spot price termination notice on the instance for Hollowtrees. The Termination Notice is accessible to code running on the instance via the instance’s metadata at This field becomes available when the instance has been marked for termination and will contain the time when a shutdown signal will be sent to the instance’s operating system. At that time, the Spot Instance Request’s bid status will be set to marked-for-termination. The bid status is accessible via the DescribeSpotInstanceRequests API for use by programs that manage Spot bids and instances.

aws-auto-scaling - Some of the code used to set up an auto-scaling infrastructure on Amazon AWS

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Throughout this project, "obelix-appengine" refers to a sample web service which has to replaced by your service. Sample latest.txt and latest-stable.txt files created by Jenkins builds which are stored in S3 corresponding to each service.

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