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GrowthBook - The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

  •    Typescript

Growth Book is an open source experimentation platform designed for companies that want to bring A/B testing in-house, but don't want to build it themselves. It supports experimentation with deep code integration or using a visual front-end editor.

react-experiments - React components for implementing UI experiments

  •    Javascript

react-experiments is a set of React components for implementing UI experiments.react-experiments was built to work with PlanOut.js and most of its constructs are inspired by the structure of PlanOut.js. This library will work out of the box if you pass it an instantiated PlanOut Namespace or Experiment class, but if you want to use your own methods of assigning experiment parameters and logging exposure then you can extend the base experiment class and pass that as the experiment class prop.

PlanOut.js - A JavaScript port of Facebook's PlanOut Experimentation Framework

  •    Javascript

PlanOut.js is a JavaScript-based implementation of PlanOut. It provides a complete implementation of the PlanOut native API framework and a PlanOut language interpreter.PlanOut.js is implemented in ES6 and can also be used with ES5. It can be integrated client-side as well as with server-side with node.js.

django-easy-split - Easy split testing for Django.

  •    Python

Stop guessing and start testing! With django-easy-split, you'll be able to scientifically prove which aspects of your site convert better than others. Works great for testing copy, designs, styles, layouts, assets, and even pricing and feature sets. With just a few simple template tags, you'll be able to generate detailed reports about how visitors respond to various experimental aspects of your site.

react-optimizely - React helpers for A/B testing with Optimizely

  •    Javascript

React helpers for A/B testing with Optimizely. Wraps a React component and injects props with information about an experiment and it's current variant.

test_track_js_client - The JavaScript client for TestTrack

  •    Javascript

This is the JavaScript client library for the TestTrack system. It provides client-side split-testing and feature-toggling through a simple, mostly declarative API.


  •    Javascript

A JavaScript AB testing framework, ported from http://www.github.com/guardian/frontend. AB testing's goal is to identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest.