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webpack-tricks - Tips and tricks in using Webpack


Just a small catalog of Webpack tips and tricks I've learned. These tricks work with Webpack v3 unless otherwise specified.Invoke Webpack with -p for production builds. In Webpack 2, this also automatically sets process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'.

lite - Split a repository to read-only standalone repositories

  •    Go

splitsh-lite replaces the subtree split Git built-in command to make splitting a monolithic repository to read-only standalone repositories easy and fast. Both strategies work well and both have drawbacks as well. splitsh helps use both strategies by providing tools that automatically synchronize a monolithic repository to standalone repositories in real-time.


  •    Javascript

A simple plugin to create multi scrolling websites with two vertical scrolling panels. Customizations of the plugin available upon request for some reasonable price. Contact me.

split - :chart_with_upwards_trend: The Rack Based A/B testing framework

  •    Ruby

Split is a rack based A/B testing framework designed to work with Rails, Sinatra or any other rack based app. Split is heavily inspired by the Abingo and Vanity Rails A/B testing plugins and Resque in its use of Redis.

flat - :steam_locomotive: Flatten/unflatten nested Javascript objects

  •    Javascript

Take a nested Javascript object and flatten it, or unflatten an object with delimited keys.Use a custom delimiter for (un)flattening your objects, instead of ..

T-SQL Split Field by Delimiter


T-SQL hasn't split function to split a text by delimiter, this function return a string which can be used in select statement to split a varchar column by a delimiter to multiple columns. This function should be used with Dynamic T-SQL.

Tiff Splitter


A simple WinForms app that that opens a multi-page tiff file and saves all pages as individual tiff files. The multi-page tiff can be opened via open file dialog, or dragged in.

scissors - PDF manipulation in Node

  •    Javascript

PDF manipulation in Node.js, based on PDFTK! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew. Scissors is a wrapper around command line utilities (mainly PDFTK) that have to be separately installed.

react-splitter-layout - A simple split layout for React and modern browsers

  •    Javascript

A simple split layout for React and modern browsers. React-splitter-layout depends on React and prop-types. See package.json for more details.

Regex - Regular expressions for swift

  •    Swift

Regex library was mainly introduced to fulfill the needs of Swift Express - web application server side framework for Swift. Still we hope it will be useful for everybody else.

split2flac - Split flac/ape/wv/wav + cue sheet into separate tracks

  •    Shell

split2flac splits one big APE/FLAC/TTA/WV/WAV audio image (or a collection of such files, recursively) with CUE sheet into FLAC/M4A/MP3/OGG_VORBIS/OPUS/WAV tracks with tagging, renaming, charset conversion of cue sheet, album cover images. It also uses configuration file, so no need to pass a lot of arguments every time, only an input file. Should work in any POSIX-compliant shell.NOTE: script is able to find cover image and cue sheet automatically (including internal ones).

split-html - Split HTML into two valid fragments wherever a certain selector is matched

  •    Javascript

Split HTML into two valid fragments wherever a certain selector is matched. Works on the server side.

openvpn-config-splitter - Splits OpenVPN (

  •    Javascript

Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu

split-at - Split a string at one or more indices

  •    Javascript

String to be split.One or more indices. A negative index is a 1-based position from the end of the string. For example, -1 is the index of the last place in the string. Duplicate indices are removed from the index array. A negative index and positive index that refer to the same position in the string are treated as duplicates.

split-lines - Split lines into an array of lines

  •    Javascript

String to split.Preserve the line separator at the end of every line, except the last line, which will never contain one.

TF - AutoHotkey library for Text files & Variables (strings)

  •    AutoHotkey

As the name suggest this is an AutoHotkey (AHK) Library with a number of functions to "manipulate" text, both files such as *.txt, *.ahk, *.html, *.css etc AND Strings (or variables). For example you can delete specific lines, replace words or specific lines, number lines, remove or insert columns of text, etc. See the list of functions below for a complete overview. To understand how to work with files and variables please read the "Textfile and the ! Prefix" and "Files & Variables" sections below.

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