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spikes - Where ideas & concepts are born & incubated

  •    Java

This is where we explore new ideas, hack around bug fixes and spark new code babies.

spike - :mega: A fast reverse proxy written in PHP that helps to expose local services to the internet

  •    PHP

Spike is a fast reverse proxy built on top of ReactPHP that helps to expose your local services to the internet. Both the server and local machine need to install this.

slayer - JavaScript time series spike detection for Node

  •    Javascript

JavaScript time series spike detection for Node.js; like the Octave findpeaks function.Time series are often displayed as bar, line or area charts. A peak or spike in a time series is a the highest value before the trend start to decrease.

CaImAn-MATLAB - Complete Matlab pipeline for large scale calcium imaging data analysis

  •    Matlab

A Computational toolbox for large scale Calcium Imaging data Analysis. The code implements the CNMF algorithm [1] for simultaneous source extraction and spike inference from large scale calcium imaging movies. Many more features are included (see below). The code is suitable for the analysis of somatic imaging data. Improved implementation for the analysis of dendritic/axonal imaging data will be added in the future. We moved the code into the Flatiron Institute github account and renamed the repository to CaImAn-MATLAB to bring it more in touch with the CaImAn Python package. Everything else is the same. The old link https://github.com/epnev/ca_source_extraction redirects here.

juniorjobs - ✌️ Curated entry-level jobs in the UK tech industry

  •    CSS

A selection of junior/graduate level jobs in the UK tech industry. The site is totally static, generated by Spike.

Spike - Get The Most Out Of Your CGM Transmitter

  •    ActionScript

You'll notice that while the Today Widgets and Apple Watch app have Xcode projects and can be compiled using Xcode, the main Spike App project UI is missing, and the Spike project and storyboard are just empty place holders. Spike is based on iOSxDripReader, which was written for the Adobe Air runtime and is compiled with the commercial product FlashBuilder Premium.