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  •    CSharp

Grub Next Generation is distributed web crawling system (clients/servers) which helps to build and maintain index of the Web. It is client-server architecture where client crawls the web and updates the server. The peer-to-peer grubclient software crawls during computer idle time.


  •    CSharp

Stateful programmatic web browsing, based on Python-Mechanize, which is based on Andy Lester’s Perl module WWW::Mechanize.

NScrapy - NScrapy is a

  •    CSharp

Below is a sample of NScrapy, the sample will visit Liepin, which is a Recruit web site Based on the seed URL defined in the [URL] attribute, NScrapy will visit each Postion information in detail page(the ParseItem method) , and visit the next page automatically(the VisitPage method). It is not necessary for the Spider writer to know how the Spiders distributed in different machine/process communicate with each other, and how the Downloader process get the urt that need to download, just tell NScrapy the seed URL, inhirt Spider.Spdier class and write some call back, NScrapy will take the rest of the work NScrapy support different kind of extension, including add your own DownloaderMiddleware, config HTTP header, user agent pool.