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spellcheck - An async hunspell binding for node.js

  •    C++

An async hunspell binding for node.js.(constructor)(<String>affixPath, <Integer>dictPath) - Creates and returns a new SpellCheck instance. affixPath is an absolute path that points to an affix (.aff) file. dictPath is an absolute path that points to a dictionary (.dic) file.

grunt-spell - :boar::abc: A Grunt plugin for spellchecking

  •    Javascript

A Grunt plugin for spellchecking. Or specify a language (en, fr, de, pt, es) and/or rules to ignore (cliches, double negatives, passive voice, etc).

yaspeller-ci - Fast spelling check for Travis CI

  •    Javascript

Fast spelling check for Travis CI and AppVeyor. It is just simple wrap for yaspeller, CLI for Yandex.Speller API. But it run spelling check only in first CI job, to speed up build time and reduce unnecessary burden for CI service and Yandex.Speller API.

node-markdown-spellcheck - spellchecks markdown files

  •    Javascript

Reads markdown files and spellchecks them, using open source Hunspell dictionary files. There are two modes, interactive fixing, which will allow you to fix mistakes and add exceptions to a custom dictionary and a report mode which will just report the list of errors.

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