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happypack - Happiness in the form of faster webpack build times.

  •    Javascript

HappyPack makes initial webpack builds faster by transforming files in parallel. HappyPack provides both a plugin and a loader in order to do its job so you must use both to enable it.

cdnjs - Free and Open Source Web front-end resource CDN

  •    Javascript

CDNJS is a free and open source project to organize and provide popular front-end web development resources to developers via a fast CDN infrastructure without usage limitations and fees. We want to help individual library/framework developers distribute their projects, and web developers supercharge their websites! With our great free CDN service, developers can focus on their projects and website development. Developers no longer have to spend time worrying about how to set-up a CDN for projects or website assets. We hope to make web development easier, as well as your websites and the WWW faster and safer.

fast-json-stringify - 2x faster than JSON.stringify()

  •    Javascript

fast-json-stringify is significantly faster than JSON.stringify() for small payloads. Its performance advantage shrinks as your payload grows. It pairs well with flatstr, which triggers a V8 optimization that improves performance when eventually converting the string to a Buffer. Build a stringify() function based on jsonschema.

fast-redact - very fast object redaction

  •    Javascript

When called without any options, or with a zero length paths array, fast-redact will return JSON.stringify or the serialize option, if set. An array of strings describing the nested location of a key in an object.

Rea - Lightweight library of data structures implemented in C++11, designed for constant time insertion, erasure, lookup, and fastest possible iteration

  •    C++

Rea is a lightweight library of data structures implemented in C++11, designed for constant time insertion, erasure, lookup, and fastest possible iteration. Great for using in games or any other software which needs to manage thousands upon thousands of objects. There are 6 data structures included in this library : slot_list, controlled_slot_list, versioned_slot_list, regulated_slot_list, slot_map and versioned_slot_map. The two key data structures are slot_list and slot_map; the other four are only simple variations of those two.

browserify-persist-fs - Efficient & stable persistent filesystem cache for browserify

  •    Javascript

browserify-persist-fs stores the computation results for every file processed in a cache folder which makes recomputation of previous executions extremely fast (particularily useful for CI!). In order to user browserify-persist-fs you need to have a version of browserify that depends on module-deps with a version >= 4.1.0 installed.

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