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spdx-license-list - List of SPDX licenses

  •    Javascript

The lists of licenses are just JSON files and can be used wherever.The licenses are indexed by their identifier and contains a name property with the full name of the license, url with the URL to the license, and osiApproved boolean for whether the license is OSI Approved.

spdx-licenses - SPDX license and identifier lookup

  •    Ruby

A Ruby library around the SPDX license data, which provides a set of standard identifiers for open source licenses. The data is maintained by SPDX. This library redistributes the licenses JSON file.

go-license-detector - Reliable project licenses detector

  •    Go

Project license detector - a command line application and a library, written in Go. It scans the given directory for license files, normalizes and hashes them and outputs all the fuzzy matches with the list of reference texts. The returned names follow SPDX standard. Read the blog post. Why? There are no similar projects which can be compiled into a native binary without dependencies and also support the whole SPDX license database (≈400 items). This implementation is also fast, requires little memory, and the API is easy to use.

license-compatibility - :copyright: Check compatibility between different SPDX licenses

  •    Ruby

Check compatibility between different SPDX licenses, used by Libraries.io for checking dependency license compatibility. n.b. I am not a lawyer and any results should be confirmed with a copyright lawyer if it's important to you.