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node-cross-spawn - A cross platform solution to node's spawn and spawnSync

  •    Javascript

A cross platform solution to node's spawn and spawnSync. All these issues are handled correctly by cross-spawn. There are some known modules, such as win-spawn, that try to solve this but they are either broken or provide faulty escaping of shell arguments.

threads.js - Easy to use, yet powerful multi-threading library for node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

Javascript thread library. Uses web workers when run in browsers and child processes when run by node.js. Also supports browsers which do not support web workers.You don't have to write the thread's code inline. The file is expected to be a commonjs module (so something that uses module.exports = ...), for node and browser.

nexpect - spawn and control child processes in node.js with ease

  •    Javascript

nexpect is a node.js module for spawning child applications (such as ssh) and seamlessly controlling them using javascript callbacks. nexpect is based on the ideas of the expect library by Don Libes and the pexpect library by Noah Spurrier.node.js has good built in control for spawning child processes. nexpect builds on these core methods and allows developers to easily pipe data to child processes and assert the expected response. nexpect also chains, so you can compose complex terminal interactions.

node-buffered-spawn - Buffered child_process#spawn

  •    Javascript

Buffered child_process#spawn.In terms of arguments, they are equal to node's spawn.

node-cross-spawn-async - A cross platform solution to node's spawn

  •    Javascript

A cross platform solution to node's spawn.This module is deprecated, use cross-spawn instead which no longer requires a build toolchain.

chrome-launch - Light cross-platform launcher for Google Chrome

  •    Javascript

Light cross-platform launcher for Google Chrome.Spawns a new Chrome instance in a separate process using child_process.spawn.

chrome-location - Approximates the current location of Google Chrome on your system

  •    Javascript

Approximates the current location of Google Chrome on your system.Originally sourced from karma-chrome-launcher.

respawn - Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes

  •    Javascript

Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes.Per default respawn will restart you app indefinitely. To set a max restart limit set the maxRestarts option.

respawn-group - Manage a group of respawn monitors

  •    Javascript

group.add(id, command, opts) -> mon Add a new respawn monitor. See respawn for more information. If you add a new monitor with the same id as an old one it will be used when the old monitor stops.

npm-execspawn - Spawn locally installed npm dependencies with cross platform env and argument parsing support

  •    Javascript

Spawn locally installed npm dependencies with cross platform env and argument parsing support.The above should browserify test.js and both windows and unix. The options is passed directly to child_process.spawn.

safeps - Work with processes safely and easily in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Older environments may need Babel's Polyfill or something similar.Discover the release history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.

node-kexec - Node.js exec function to replace running process; like Ruby's exec.

  •    C++

This module causes your current Node.js process to be replaced by the process invoked by the parameter of this function. It's like the Ruby exec function. It currently does not work on Windows.Fully compatible with Node.js version v0.10 and v0.11.

install-if-needed - installs the given modules if needed

  •    Javascript

Installs the given list of modules and saves them into their respective fields in your nearest package.json. Dependencies that already exist in your package.json will be skipped.You can pass { stdio: 'inherit' } to preserve logging and colors, acting like the usual npm install command.

outpipe - write output to a file through shell commands

  •    Javascript

Suppose you have a tool like watchify or factor-bundle that write to multiple files or write to the same file more than once.If you want to pipe the output of these tools to other programs, such as minification with the uglify command, it's very difficult! You might need to use the tool's API or use a separate command to watch for changes to the output files. Ick.

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