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spannerr - A Go client for the Google Cloud Spanner REST API

  •    Go

A Go client for the Google Cloud Spanner REST API

nodejs-spanner - Node

  •    TypeScript

Node.js idiomatic client for Cloud Spanner. Cloud Spanner is a fully managed, mission-critical, relational database service that offers transactional consistency at global scale, schemas, SQL (ANSI 2011 with extensions), and automatic, synchronous replication for high availability.

pontem - Open source tools for Google Cloud Storage and Databases.

  •    Java

While this is not an officially supported Google product, we encourage you to file issues for feature requests and bugs. pontem can be run in various modes. Consult the usage guide for relevant examples.

protoc-gen-persist - GRPC SQL and Spanner persistence layer

  •    Go

An opinionated protoc plugin that will help generate boiler plate go code for GRPC micro services projects that need to interact with a SQL or Spanner database. The code generation is accomplished by providing a protobuf file with proper annotations, and then running the protoc cli tool with the --go_out option, and the --persist_out options set to the same directory. Starting with this version we changed the command line parameters. On the --plugin_out option you can add path=source_relative to make sure that all the generated files will be created on the current directory. The default behaviour (don't specify the path=source_relative) will generate the files in the same directory with the source files or in a directory computed from the (persist.pkg) or go_package option.

DataflowTemplates - Convenient Dataflow pipelines for transforming data between cloud data sources

  •    Java

Useful Cloud Dataflow custom templates. You should use Google provided templates if your use case fits. This templates target use cases that official templates do not cover.

hedge - A distributed systems library for Kubernetes deployments built on top of spindle and Cloud Spanner

  •    Go

A library built on top of spindle and Cloud Spanner that provides rudimentary distributed computing facilities to Kubernetes deployments. Features include a consistent, append-only, Spanner-backed distributed key/value storage, a distributed locking/leader election mechanism through spindle, a simple member-to-leader communication channel, a broadcast (send-to-all) mechanism, and a distributed semaphore. It also works even on single-pod deployments. See here for the documentation.

spindle - A distributed locking library built on top of Cloud Spanner and TrueTime.

  •    Go

A distributed locking library built on top of Cloud Spanner. It uses Spanner's TrueTime and transactions support to achieve its locking mechanism. This library is also one of the main building blocks of hedge, another one of our production staples. For context, spindle has been in our production for quite some time and is used in several critical services. The biggest deployment size running spindle is about ~100+ pods with unpredictable scaling schedules. Between k8s scaling triggers and multiple service deployments in a day, spindle so far has held its own, running like clockwork. With that said though, spindle also works on single-pod deployments.

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