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nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker - Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders

  •    Shell

Please make sure you are subscribed to Github Notifications to be notified when the blocker is updated or when any important or mission critical (potentially breaking) changes may take place. This is our new preferred method of installation which is now done through a set of shell scripts contributed to this repo and maintained by Stuart Cardall @itoffshore who is one of the Alpine Linux package maintainers.

Spam Scanner - Best anti-spam, email filtering, and phishing prevention service

  •    Javascript

Spam Scanner is a drop-in replacement and the best alternative to SpamAssassin, rspamd, SpamTitan, and more. Spam Scanner includes modern, essential, and performant features that to help reduce spam, phishing, and executable attacks.

listaHu - A crowdsourced platform to blacklist sms spammers and blackmailers

  •    CSS

Lista Hũ is a project that aims to create a crowdsourced database of sms spammers and blackmailers, so the numbers can be blocked in the future. Lista Hũ has an RESTful API to query the database and the dataset is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

blogspam-api - Implementation of the blogspam.net server in golang

  •    Go

The BlogSpam.net service presents an API which allows incoming blog/forum comments to be tested for SPAM in real-time. This repository contains an implementation of the API in golang, which allows you to run your own instance of the service, this superceeds the previous implementation in node.js.

sisyphus - Intelligent Junk Mail Handler

  •    Go

As we all know too well, many mails we receive are undesired for various reasons. Sometimes, we just do not want to be part of a scam, sometimes we really prefer no to have this latest joke mail sent by our beloved friends -- even though we are happy to exchange serious messages with them. Sisyphus analyzes each mail in the inbox and the junk folder and uses its subject and text to improve the learning algorithm. Whenever a new mail arrives in the Maildir/new directory, Sisyphus classifies this mail based on its content. Junk mails are then moved automatically to the Maildir/.Junk directory, while good mails are left untouched. See the following blog post on a rather non-technical explanation.


  •    Shell

How to stop Google Analytics "Ghost" Spam using a well curated list of spam referrer domains and web sites. Simple and easy to use with visual instructions for creating Segments in Google Analytics using my google-exclude files. Spam in Google Analytics (GA) is becoming a serious issue. Due to a deluge of referral spam from social buttons, adult sites, and many, many other sources, people are starting to become overwhelmed by all the filters they are setting up to manage the useless data they are receiving. Referrer spam produces corrupt analytics data and on many sites a good 70% of what you may be seeing as hits to your sites are actually spam referral traffic.

spamfightbot - Another Telegram anti-spam bot without disturbance.

  •    Python

Note: this bot is still in beta and bugs may appear. There are quite a few anti-spam bots, but with most (if not all) of them spammers will still be able to create new messages (e.g. join messages, verification messages) in the group being protected, either temporarily or permenantly. This bot aims to not disturb members by getting rid of all these messages.

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