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space-vim - :four_leaf_clover: Lean & mean spacemacs-ish Vim distribution

  •    Vim

space-vim is a vim distribution for vim plugins and resources, compatible with Vim and NeoVim. It is inspired by spacemacs and mimics spacemacs in a high level, especially in the whole architecture, key bindings and GUI. if have ever tried spacemacs, you will find space-vim is very similar to it in user experience.

vim-clap - :clap: Modern performant fuzzy picker for Vim and NeoVim

  •    Vim

Vim-clap is a modern generic interactive finder and dispatcher, based on the newly feature: floating_win of neovim or popup of vim. The goal of vim-clap is to work everywhere out of the box, with fast response. Vim-clap is in a very early stage, breaking changes and bugs are expected.

SpaceVim - A community-driven vim distribution inspired by spacemacs

  •    Vim

SpaceVim is a community-driven vim distribution that supports vim and Neovim. SpaceVim manages collections of plugins in layers. Layers make it easy for you, the user, to enable a new language or feature by grouping all the related plugins together.

vim-which-key - :tulip: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup

  •    Vim

vim-which-key is vim port of emacs-which-key that displays available keybindings in popup. emacs-which-key started as a rewrite of guide-key, very likely, vim-which-key heavily rewrote vim-leader-guide with a goal of going further in vim world. The features of vim-which-key has evolved a lot since then.

dotfiles - :nut_and_bolt: Dotfiles for bash, zsh, tmux, emacs, vim, etc

  •    Emacs

These are my very private configuration files, you are free to use at your own risk.

eleline.vim - :herb: Another elegant statusline for vim

  •    Vim

Another elegant statusline for vim, extracted from space-vim. vim-fugitive.

space-vim-dark - :purple_heart: A dark colorscheme for space-vim that supports GUI and terminal

  •    Vim

Space-vim-dark colorscheme is derived from spacemacs-dark-theme. check if the current terminal is able to display italics correctly: echo -e "\e[3mfoo\e[23m"]]", if the output is foo , the terminal (-emulator) supports italics.

vim-better-default - :art: Simplify your .vimrc and make the default vim better

  •    Vim

There are some general settings for convenience in almost everyone's .vimrc file. Let's shorten your .vimrc and make the default vim better. Out-of-the-box: address a ton of deficiencies of the default vim configurations that nearly everyone can agree upon.

graphviz.vim - :christmas_tree: A Vim graphviz plugin

  •    Vim

An almost completely-rewritten fork of wmgraphviz.vim. Note: The command :Graphviz only exists when you open a .gv or .dot file.

nerdtree-dash - Extra syntax highlight for nerdtree and vim-devicons

  •    Vim

aDAptive Syntax Highlight for nerdtree. Add highlight for icon and file path based on your colorscheme accordingly, extracted from space-vim.

space-vim-theme - :blossom: A dark and light colorscheme for space-vim that supports GUI & terminal

  •    Vim

space-vim-dark is a dark only theme, space-vim-theme as its successor now supports both dark and light background. This coloescheme originates from spacemacs-theme with some alterations. :h space_vim_theme for detailed information.

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