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Bridge - :spades: C# to JavaScript compiler

  •    Javascript

Bridge.NET is an open source C#-to-JavaScript Compiler. Write your application in C# and run on billions of devices.Compile your C#...


  •    TypeScript

OneLang has a hard time defining itself. Some may call it a transpiler, a special compiler which can compile source code from an input language to another. Those will have a hard time using it, as OneLang has its own rules and does not respect those of the input language, sometimes not even its syntax.

s2s - Coding time Compile. A tool to write code fastest.

  •    Javascript

Monitor your coding and generate code in real time. When the file names match, a single Babel plugin is executed and the formatted code is reflected in the editor.

rascal - The implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language (including interpreter, type checker, parser generator, compiler and JVM based run-time system)

  •    Java

This is the core implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language. It contains the interpreter, the parser generator, the parser run-time, the standard library, the online documentation and the type checker. Rascal is used in practice, but we consider it to be alpha software because we are still improving the language.

com2ann - Tool for translation type comments to type annotations in Python

  •    Python

Tool for translation type comments to type annotations in Python. Supports Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6.

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