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babel-plugin-source-map-support - A Babel plugin which automatically makes stack traces source-map aware

  •    Javascript

In conjunction with the source-map-support module, which must be installed separately, this statement hooks into the v8 stack-trace API to translate call sites in the transpiled code back to their corresponding locations in the original code. Note: this only works in environments which support the v8 stack-trace API (e.g. Node.js and Chrome), though it's harmless in other environments.

coffeestack - CoffeeScript Stacktrace Converter

  •    CoffeeScript

Module to convert JavaScript stack traces to CoffeeScript stack traces.

karma-sourcemap-loader - Karma plugin that locates and loads existing javascript source map files.

  •    Javascript

Preprocessor that locates and loads existing source maps. When you use karma not in isolation but as part of a build process (e.g. using grunt or gulp) it is often the case that the compilation/transpilation is done on a previous step of the process and not handled by karma preprocessors. In these cases source maps don't get loaded by karma and you lose the advantages of having them.

gulp-rollbar - Upload source map files to Rollbar.com

  •    Javascript

Following Gulp's philosophy, gulp-rollbar does not generate any the source map, but delegates this task to gulp-sourcemaps. Just make sure you call sourcemaps.init() in the pipeline before rollbar().

karma-sourcemap-writer - Sourcemap writer for karma.

  •    Javascript

Sourcemap writer for karma-webpack to work with istanbul. Testing webpack project with karma-webpack is cool, until you want to use istanbul to do code coverage.

bugsnag-sourcemaps - A Node.js module to programmatically upload your sourcemap files to Bugsnag

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module to programmatically upload your sourcemap files to Bugsnag. bugsnag-sourcemaps provides a command-line interface for uploading source maps directly. Run bugsnag-sourcemaps --help for a list of all options.