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postcss - Transforming styles with JS plugins

  •    Javascript

PostCSS is a tool for transforming styles with JS plugins. These plugins can lint your CSS, support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.PostCSS is used by industry leaders including Wikipedia, Twitter, Alibaba, and JetBrains. The Autoprefixer PostCSS plugin is one of the most popular CSS processors.

source-map-explorer - Analyze and debug space usage through source maps

  •    Javascript

Analyze and debug JavaScript (or Sass or LESS) code bloat through source maps. The source map explorer determines which file each byte in your minified code came from. It shows you a treemap visualization to help you debug where all the code is coming from. Check out this Chrome Developer video (3:25) for a demo of the tool in action.

tracerr - Golang errors with stack trace and source fragments.

  •    Go

Find more executable examples in examples dir. If err is nil then it still be nil with no stack trace added.

exorcist - Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external .js.map file

  •    Javascript

Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external .map file or stream. Works with both JavaScript and CSS input streams.

source-list-map - Fast line to line SourceMap generator.

  •    Javascript

Fast line to line SourceMap generator.

webpack-sources - Source code handling classes for webpack

  •    Javascript

Contains multiple classes which represent a Source. A Source can be asked for source code, size, source map and hash.Base class for all sources.

babel-plugin-source-map-support - A Babel plugin which automatically makes stack traces source-map aware

  •    Javascript

In conjunction with the source-map-support module, which must be installed separately, this statement hooks into the v8 stack-trace API to translate call sites in the transpiled code back to their corresponding locations in the original code. Note: this only works in environments which support the v8 stack-trace API (e.g. Node.js and Chrome), though it's harmless in other environments.

ast-source - AST helper to transform source code.

  •    Javascript

AST helper to transform source code. On purpose make you focus to develop AST transforming function.

multi-stage-sourcemap - multi-level source map processing library.

  •    Javascript

This library provide re-mapping function for multi-level sourcemap. well-know basic sourcemap is no problem.

remap-istanbul - A tool for remapping Istanbul coverage via Source Maps

  •    Javascript

A package that provides the ability to remap Istanbul code coverage information to its original source positions based on a JavaScript Source Maps v3. remap-istanbul requires NodeJS 6 or later.

rollbar-sourcemap-webpack-plugin - A Webpack plugin to upload sourcemaps to Rollbar

  •    Javascript

This is a Webpack plugin that simplifies uploading the sourcemaps, generated from a webpack build, to Rollbar. Production JavaScript bundles are typically minified before deploying, making Rollbar stacktraces pretty useless unless you take steps to upload the sourcemaps. You may be doing this now in a shell script, triggered during your deploy process, that makes curl posts to the Rollbar API. This can be finicky and error prone to setup. RollbarSourceMapPlugin aims to remove that burden and automatically upload the sourcemaps when they are emitted by webpack.

grunt-jsmin-sourcemap - Grunt task for JSMin with sourcemap

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for JSMin and source maps. Grunt is a node.js based CLI build tool.

node-jsmin-sourcemap - JSMin with sourcemaps!

  •    Javascript

JSMin is a JavaScript minifier that removes whitespace and comments. Source maps enables developers to view and interact with minified JavaScript as if it were unminified (providing useful line errors and easier debugging).

source-map-index-generator - Generate source-maps from index mappings.

  •    Javascript

Generate source-maps from index mappings. This module returns a constructor for SourceMapIndexGenerator.

mapstrace - Print useful stack-traces for combined/minified/compiled javascript files

  •    Javascript

A really simple library for printing human-readable stack-traces for combined, minified and/or compiled javascript files. It assumes that your javascript file(s) have source maps (index.js -> index.js.map etc).

webpack-sentry-plugin - Webpack plugin to upload source maps to Sentry

  •    Javascript

A webpack (1, 2, 3 or 4) plugin to upload source maps to Sentry. Configure webpack to output source maps. Recommended reading: webpack docs, Sentry docs.

honeybadger-webpack - A webpack plugin to send sourcemaps to Honeybadger

  •    Javascript

This is a webpack plugin to upload javascript sourcemaps to Honeybadger's API endpoint for source maps. Word Up! to the thredUP development team for a similar webpack plugin they have authored.

merge-source-map - Merge old source map and new source map in multi-transform flow

  •    Javascript

Merge old source map and new source map and return merged. If old or new source map value is falsy, return another one as it is.

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