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ion.sound - JavaScript plugin for playing sounds and music in browsers

  •    Javascript

JavaScript plugin for playing sounds on user actions and page events. Today websites are full of events (new mail, new chat-message, content update etc.). Often it is not enough to indicate this events only visually to get user attention. You need sounds! This library, made for playing small sounds, will help you with this task. Also, new version of Ion.Sound is capable to handle browser games audio. It has full control of loading, playing and removing audio files. And audio-sprites support of course.

waud - Web Audio Library

  •    Haxe

Web Audio Library with HTML5 audio fallback. Waud is a simple and powerful web audio library that allows you to go beyond HTML5's <audio> tag and easily take advantage of Web Audio API. It abstracts Web Audio API making it consistent and reliable across multiple platforms and browsers. It also falls back to HTML5 Audio on non-modern browsers where Web Audio API is not supported.

relax - Free clone of noisli

  •    HTML

Relax is a Free (as in speech and beer) clone of Noisli. Browse the single index.html page using a modern browser.

doublemetaphone - Phonetic encoding a string with DoubleMetaphone algorithm (JS browser+node)

  •    Javascript

Encode a string into a phonetic one with the Double Metaphone algorithm. Running tests should output nothing.

sounds-social - The open and social music platform

  •    Javascript

The open and social music platform. This platform is here to form new connections with artists, creatives and passionate listeners. No matter if it's a tiny drum loop, professional podcast or an unfinished track, Sounds Social provides a way to share your sound usefully.

foco - Stay focused with Foco :rocket:

  •    CSS

Foco is a cross-platform desktop app πŸ’» which runs in menubar. Foco boosts your productivity πŸš€ by creating perfect productive environment. It has the best sounds for getting work done πŸ™Œ. πŸ‘‰ Watch it here.

sounds-webpack-plugin - πŸ”ŠNotify or errors, warnings, etc with sounds

  •    Javascript

You can provide 3 special values that are not webpack hooks: $hasErrors, $hasWarnings, $success and $successAfterError. You can check default values here. You can of course override any of them in sounds option.

rfxgen - A simple and easy-to-use tool to generate fx sounds

  •    C

raylib fx sound generator, a tool to generate sound waves procedurally, based on the amazing Dr.Petter's sfxr. rFXGen is licensed under zlib/libpng license. Check LICENSE for further details.

toykeyboards - Royalty Free Toy Keyboard Samples & Loops


Royalty Free Samples I recorded from Yamaha/Casio Toy Keyboards nearly 20 years ago... These are the sounds millions of people heard as their first venture into “Electronic Music.” These are the blips, beeps, and crude instrument renditions from the cheap electronic keyboards we grew up with. Even though they were dismissed as just “Toys,” their sounds have a unique quality that will add character to any mix.

thames - An ambient sound generator using free sounds from BBC Sounds Effects

  •    Go

Thames is a browser and player for the BBC Sound Effects collection which contains sounds from cafes, markets, cars, typewriters, nature etc. You can browse the collection online at http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/. Thames creates an index for the collection in an sqlite3 database, makes full text queries to it, downloads sounds, and then plays them. Each query is an sqlite3 full-text search query and is applied verbatim. Usually it is a single term or a phrase but you can also use NEAR queries.

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