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fluidsynth - Software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications

  •    C

FluidSynth generates audio by reading and handling MIDI events from MIDI input devices by using a SoundFont. It is the software analogue of a MIDI synthesizer. FluidSynth can also play MIDI files. If you are missing parts of the documentation, let us know by writing to our mailing list. Of course, you are welcome to edit and improve the wiki yourself. All you need is an account at GitHub. Alternatively, you may send an EMail to our mailing list along with your suggested changes. Further information about the mailing list is available in the wiki as well.

soundfont-player - Quick soundfont loader and player for browser

  •    Javascript

A soundfont loader/player to play MIDI sounds using WebAudio API. It is a much simpler and lightweight replacement for MIDI.js soundfont loader (MIDI.js is much bigger, capable of play midi files, for example, but it weights an order of magnitude more).

node-keyboard - A REPL where music is simply streams of input in node (using soundfonts)

  •    Javascript

A REPL where music is simply streams of input in node. Uses the awesome soundfonts of midi-js-soundfonts. Supports optional MIDI input. Note: Installing node-keyboard will clone a soundfont library during install, resulting in an 800MB download.

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