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echo-sonos - Amazon Echo integration with Sonos

  •    Javascript

All of the pieces for an Amazon Echo (Alexa) <-> Sonos integration. echo-sonos supports Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Deezer Elite, Sonos playlists, Sonos favorites, SiriusXM, the local Sonos music library, and configurable node-sonos-http-api presets.

airsonos - :musical_note: AirPlay to Sonos

  •    Javascript

AirSonos is a server that adds Apple AirPlay (iOS, OS X) support to all Sonos devices on a network. AirSonos requires node.js >= v0.10.33 installed to run.

mkchromecast - Cast macOS and Linux Audio/Video to your Google Cast and Sonos Devices

  •    Python

This is a program to cast your macOS audio, or Linux audio to your Google Cast devices or Sonos speakers. It can also cast video files. It is written for Python3, and it can stream via node.js, parec (Linux), ffmpeg, or avconv. Mkchromecast is capable of using lossy and lossless audio formats provided that ffmpeg, avconv (Linux), or parec (Linux) are installed. It also supports Multi-room group playback, and 24-bit/96kHz high audio resolution. Additionally, a system tray menu is available.

snapcast - Synchronous multiroom audio player

  •    C++

Snapcast is a multiroom client-server audio player, where all clients are time synchronized with the server to play perfectly synced audio. It's not a standalone player, but an extension that turns your existing audio player into a Sonos-like multiroom solution. Audio is captured by the server and routed to the connected clients. Several players can feed audio to the server in parallel and clients can be grouped to play the same audio stream. One of the most generic ways to use Snapcast is in conjunction with the music player daemon (MPD) or Mopidy. The encoded chunks are sent via a TCP connection to the Snapclients. Each client does continuous time synchronization with the server, so that the client is always aware of the local server time. Every received chunk is first decoded and added to the client's chunk-buffer. Knowing the server's time, the chunk is played out using a system dependend low level audio API (e.g. ALSA) at the appropriate time. Time deviations are corrected by playing faster/slower, which is done by removing/duplicating single samples (a sample at 48kHz has a duration of ~0.02ms).

homeassistant - Example Home Assistant Configs

  •    Shell

My personal Home Assistant configurations with 300+ automations. These are my active automations and configurations that I use every day. Updated frequently as I add more devices and come up with more and more complicated ways to do simple tasks. Many of my automations rely on some form of lighting but many examples can be found in lights.yaml and location.yaml.

node-sonos - 🔈 Sonos Media Player Interface/Client

  •    Javascript

node-sonos gives you the power to control all your Sonos devices from your own apps in JavaScript. Automatically discover your devices on the network and control the playback and queue with instant events announcing change. Additional examples can be found in the /examples directory within the repository.

ioBroker - Automate your life!

  •    Javascript

ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It like a software f.e. fhem, OpenHAB or the thing system. ioBroker is not just an application, it's more of a a concept, a database schema, and offers a very easy way for systems to interoperate. ioBroker defines some common rules for a pair of databases used to exchange data and publish events between different systems.

mini-media-player - Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

  •    Javascript

A minimalistic yet customizable media player card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI. Inspired by Custom UI: Mini media player and custom-lovelace.


  •    WPF

The beginnings of a Sonos client, written in C#, C++/CLI and WPF. Most of the middle tier is designed for WPF binding. The database (ESE/Jet Blue in-process db) caching layer schema is almost there. It will be merged in to provide faster library browsing and to allow Windows ...

Play - A better Sonos controller for iOS

  •    Objective-C

This is an attempt at making a better Sonos controller for iOS. It's pretty hacked together right now -- I'll try to articulate needs later so others can contribute. The following (sparse) instructions below should get it working with your system. Easiest way to do this is to checkout: https://github.com/rahims/SoCo and use the command line example. Run: python sonoshell.py all list_ips to find all the IPs. Then run python sonoshell.py YOUR_SPEAKERS_IP_ADDRESS info to determine the uid for each speaker.

SwiftSSDP - Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) session based discovery package for Swift.

  •    Swift

Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) session based discovery package for Swift. SSDP can be used for many things, discovering devices or services. Sonos uses SSDP for device discovery and using the urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1 search target (ST) devices can be discovered and inspected.

overcast-sonos - Listen to your Overcast podcasts on Sonos.

  •    PHP

Listen to your Overcast podcasts on Sonos. Just want to try it out? Follow these setup instructions to register the Overcast service on your Sonos system.

sonos-now-playing - A digital picture frame that displays the currently playing track on Sonos

  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to create a digital frame that shows what's currently playing on Sonos. This GitHub repo houses the software that powers the frame. The software is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.js. Special thanks to Rahim Sonawalla, whose SoCo library was the inspiration for all this.

auto-awesome - Home automation endpoints

  •    Python

You need to have a home server that can serve these endpoints. I use nginx and have included server_uwsgi.ini to help with this if you wish to go down this route. This project uses Flask, amongst other libraries. You can find all requirements in requirements.txt which you can install using pip.

SonosSharp - Sonos API for .NET

  •    CSharp

Sonos API for .NET

magic-cards - 🎩 Queue music, play movies, or trigger events with RFID cards.

  •    Javascript

Magic Cards merges the physical world with the digital world. It lets you create RFID scannable cards that you can program to do anything. Scan your card, music starts playing. Boom.

sonos-web - Web interface for Sonos audio systems

  •    Javascript

sonos-web is a web interface for the Sonos Audio System, created with the goal of having a nice looking interface to manage the queue, add streaming services like Spotify (even for non-premium users!) and allow other developers to customized the UX as they want by making the project expandable through plugins. Note: It may be required to cd into each plugins/ folder and do an npm install to make sure everything works. YouTube requires ffmpeg to be installed on your system.

sonosifttt - Connect your Sonos system to IFTTT

  •    Javascript

A nodejs app to act as WordPress xml-rpc endpoint, to allow the use of the IFTTT WordPress channel as a means to control a Sonos system. Check out this blog post for a detailed description.

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