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maybe - Maybe is a type that wraps optional values

  •    Javascript

Maybe is a type that wraps optional values. It can either be a Just (has some value) or a Nothing (has no value). In JavaScript, it is a better way of handling null and undefined. Instead of writing an if statement, ternary expression, or && shorthand to check if a value is present you can just map over it instead and assign the result of this expression or return it. You can also chain operations together, often leading to much cleaner code.

results - Discriminated Unions including Maybe (an option type) and Result for javascript with fewer bugs

  •    Javascript

Results is a tiny library bringing Discriminated Unions (aka Sum Types or Algebraic Types) to JavaScript, with match for better program flow control. Results ships with full-featured Maybe (sometimes called an Option Type) and Result unions built-in, helping you safely deal with optional data and error handling.

giftbox - A lightweight Javascript library for the Option monad

  •    Javascript

Giftbox aims to provide a wrapper API around absent values and is highly motivated by Scala's Option. One of big source of bugs in production environments is missing data represented by nulls, undefined, empty strings, etc. Traditionally calling methods on null or 'empty' values causes NPE's, etc. and forces developers to create disorganized utilities with null/empty checks all over the codebase, adding further complexity.

p-one - Test whether some promise passes a testing function

  •    Javascript

Like Array.some for promises. Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when any promise in input and ones returned from testFn are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is a boolean that is true if any promise passed the test and false otherwise.


  •    Javascript

This is a little demo project, to run NodeJS, using Cucumber.js as a behaviour testing suite, for automated browser tests. It gives you a base foundation to set up running BDD tests in any environment that has Node.JS and Selenium2-Server-Standalone WebDriver.

iterare - Array methods + ES6 Iterators = :heart:

  •    TypeScript

ES6 Iterator library for applying multiple transformations to a collection in a single iteration. Ever wanted to iterate over ES6 collections like Map or Set with Array-built-ins like map(), filter(), reduce()? Lets say you have a large Set of URIs and want to get a Set back that contains file paths from all file:// URIs.

pursuit - A Fast JavaScript Object Property Matching Language

  •    Javascript

Pursuit is a fast Object Property Matching Language written for Node. It compiles a given query into JavaScript code for optimal performance when checking many objects for certain characteristics. All compiled functions returns a boolean value, making them useful in filter functions. This package is a distribution that combines Pursuit Core with Pursuit Dictionary. Look at these projects if you want a custom language with other properties than this.

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