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Sharepoint SP2010 - Warmup


SP2010 Warmup is an .exe file written in c# which warmups your whole sp2010 Farm. Warmup includes: Central Administration, Mysites, Other Webapplications No longer waiting :) and it´s an alternative to powershell

SharePoint PDF Icon installer


Installs a PDF icon on your SharePoint farm automatically (using SharePoint's Solution framework). Follows directions found at http://blogs.msdn.com/sgoodyear/archive/2008/06/14/updating-the-docicon-xml-file-with-a-feature.aspx

hub-detect - Creates a Bill of Materials for any project that uses a package manager.

  •    Java

Hub Detect offers package management level analysis combined with signature scanning.

AndroidHeartBeatFixer - Way to set heartbeat interval and the User receive PushNotifications from GCM

  •    Java

Way to set heartbeat interval and the User receive PushNotifications from GCM. Based on a Google Forums post about HeartBeat problem.

rambo - Automatic Ramda solution bot

  •    Javascript

Given inputs and outputs brute forces a Ramda solution. The solver is very simple and just brute forces the solution by iterating over a bunch of functions. Since Ramda is sooooo good at currying, we can combine multiple functions by providing derived functions as inputs to other functions, like R.map for example, as first arguments. I also use the data to guide the solution tries. For example, R.has(...) tries every string from the input and output as a property name.

blackduck-alert - Processes Hub notifications and sends them to supported distribution channels

  •    Java

This application provides the ability to send notifications from the a provider to various distribution channels.

auth - :door: :closed_lock_with_key: A Complete Authentication Solution for Elixir/Phoenix Web Apps/APIs (Documented, Tested & Maintained)

  •    Javascript

:door: :closed_lock_with_key: A Complete Authentication Solution for Elixir/Phoenix Web Apps/APIs (Documented, Tested & Maintained)


  •    Java

The BlackDuck Artifactory solution consists a single plugin, the blackDuckPlugin. The ScannerModule in the blackDuckPlugin, can be configured to routinely scan your artifacts for open source vulnerabilities via the Black Duck Signature Scanner.

synopsys-detect - Scanning and analysis for Synopsys products.

  •    Java

Synopsys Detect consolidates the functionality of Black Duck™ , Black Duck Binary Analysis™ (formerly known as Protecode SC) and Coverity™ on Polaris™ into a single solution. Synopsys Detect is designed to integrate natively into the build/CI environment and support all Coverity languages for Static Analysis. For Black Duck & Black Duck Binary Analysis, it makes it easier to set up and scan code bases using a variety of languages and package managers to identify open source risk. For AirGap, please use our Artifactory.

CSAPP-3e-Solutions - CSAPP 3e Solutions gitbook

  •    C

Code files are classified by chapter. Please visit the index page of every chapter to see more info. Hurry makes work faulty and no improvement makes it disappointed.


  •    Java

Analyze your docker images, without running them. You can download the latest source from GitHub: https://github.com/blackducksoftware/blackduck-docker-inspector.

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