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spotlight - Spotlight enables librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to create attractive, feature-rich websites that highlight these collections

  •    Ruby

Spotlight is open source software that enables librarians, curators, and other content experts to easily build feature-rich websites that showcase collections and objects from a digital repository, uploaded items, or a combination of the two. Spotlight is a plug-in for Blacklight, an open source, Ruby on Rails Engine that provides a basic discovery interface for searching an Apache Solr index.Read more about what Spotlight is, our motivations for creating it, and how to install and configure it in the wiki pages. You might also want to take a look at our demo videos, especially the tour of a completed Spotlight exhibit and the walkthrough of building an exhibit with Spotlight.

wukong - An ORM Client library for SolrCloud http://wukong.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

  •    Python

Wukong offers an ORM query engine for Solr and Solr Cloud. You can overide existing methods to fit your business logic, like validate_schema_fields, get_data_for_solr.

sir - Transfer data from a MusicBrainz database to a Solr server

  •    Python

This repository contains the code necessary to index documents from a MusicBrainz database into a Solr search server. The documentation contains detailed information on how to use it.

solr_wrapper - Wrap your tests with Solr 5+

  •    Ruby

SolrWrapper can read configuration options from a YAML configuration file. By default, it looks for configuration files at .solr_wrapper and ~/.solr_wrapper. By defualt SorlWrapper will clean out your data when it shuts down. If you utilize the preserve option your data will remain between runs.

go-solr - Solr client in Go, core admin, add docs, update, delete, search and more

  •    Go

Solr v4, required v4.4 if you want use all supported features. Please go to http://wiki.apache.org/solr/ for how to write solr query.

solr-zkutil - Solr Cloud and ZooKeeper CLI

  •    Python

solr-zkutil is an easy to use tool written in Python that allows you to quickly understand information about your Solr ZooKeeper cluster. The program is designed to work with Windows or Linux hosts, and is easy to install.

solrbulk - SOLR bulk indexing utility for the command line.

  •    Go

solrbulk expects as input a file with line-delimited JSON. Each line represents a single document. solrbulk takes care of reformatting the documents into the bulk JSON format, that SOLR understands. solrbulk will send documents in batches and in parallel. The number of documents per batch can be set via -size, the number of workers with -w.

arclight - A Rails engine supporting discovery of archival material

  •    Ruby

A Rails engine supporting discovery of archival materials. During April - June 2017, ArcLight underwent its initial development as a Minimally Viable Product (MVP). The MVP is targeted for content that is described in the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) format. Future development is in the planning phase with no definitive timeline as yet.

connector-search-engine - Odoo Nosql Connector (Solr, Algolia, Elastic...)

  •    Python

This project include a generic search engine connector and also a specific connector for Algolia.

query-translator - Query Translator is a search query translator with AST representation

  •    PHP

Query Translator takes a search string as user input and converts it into something a search backend can understand. Technically, it's a search query translator with abstract syntax tree representation. From the produced syntax tree, translation target can be anything you need. Usually it's a search backend, like Solr and Elasticsearch, or a database abstraction layer. User input means you have to expect errors and handle them gracefully. Because of that, the parser is completely resistant to errors. Syntax tree will contain detailed information about corrections applied to make sense of the user input. This can be useful to clean up the input or implement rich input interface, with features like suggestions, syntax highlighting and error feedback.

exhibits - Stanford University Libraries online exhibits showcase

  •    Ruby

The project's master branch provides a template Spotlight application with SUL branding and functionality. A Rake task is provided to (re)index content into the Solr index. It uses the configured sets in config/exhibit.yml.

warclight - A Rails engine supporting the discovery of web archives.

  •    Ruby

A Project Blacklight based Rails engine that supports the discovery of web archives held in the WARC and ARC formats. It allows faceted full-text search, record view, and other advanced discovery options. For further details, see our Creating, installing, and running your Warclight application documentation.

devops-python-tools - DevOps CLI Tools for Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Log Anonymizer, Ambari Blueprints, AWS CloudFormation, Linux, Docker, Spark Data Converters & Validators (Avro/Parquet/JSON/CSV/INI/XML/YAML), Elasticsearch, Solr, Travis CI, Pig, IPython - Python / Jython Tools

  •    Python

A few of the Big Data, NoSQL & Linux tools I've written over the years. All programs have --help to list the available options. For many more tools see the DevOps Perl Tools and Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection repos which contains many Hadoop, NoSQL, Web and infrastructure tools and Nagios plugins.

lib - Perl Utility Library for my other repos

  •    Perl

My personal Perl library, full of lots of validation code and utility functions. Continuous Integration is run on this repo to build and unit test it (Test::More, almost 800 unit tests).

solr-doc-manager - Mongo-Connector doc manager for Solr

  •    Python

This package is a document manager for mongo-connector. You may have to run python setup.py install with sudo, depending on where you're installing mongo-connector and what privileges you have.

gosolr - golang tools for Apache Solr

  •    Go

A library and application to automatically balance a Solr cluster. A library to monitor Solr cluster state in your own application.