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tinyrenderer - A brief computer graphics / rendering course

  •    C++

Check the wiki for the detailed lessons. My source code is irrelevant. Read the wiki and implement your own renderer. Only when you suffer through all the tiny details you will learn what is going on. I do want to get emails for feedback (dmitry.sokolov@univ-lorraine.fr); do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

herebedragons - A basic 3D scene implemented with various engines, frameworks or APIs.

  •    C

Hic sunt dracones. This repository contains multiple implementations of the same 3D scene, using different APIs and frameworks on various platforms. The goal is to provide a comparison between multiple rendering methods. This is inherently biased due to the variety of algorithms used and available CPU/GPU configurations, but can hopefully still provide interesting insights on 3D rendering.

docker-opengl - Docker - Mesa 3D OpenGL Software Rendering (Gallium) - LLVMpipe, and OpenSWR Drivers

  •    Shell

Minimal Docker container bundled with the Mesa 3D Gallium Drivers: LLVMpipe & OpenSWR, enabling OpenGL support inside a Docker container without the need for a GPU. I build this image primarily to extnend from for other projects, but below are some simple examples. This image is already loaded with a trivial entrypoint script.

PtahRenderer - A small software graphics renderer

  •    Swift

A small software graphics renderer. Offline and online demos available on macOS and Linux (tested on Ubuntu). See Programs for requirements and build instructions. Associated blog post here. Apart from PtahRendererDemoOnline, everything can be compiled using the Swift Package Manager on both macOS (tested on macOS 10.12) and Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04).