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sfs-matlab - SFS Toolbox for Matlab/Octave

  •    Matlab

The SFS Toolbox for Matlab gives you the possibility to play around with sound field synthesis methods like wave field synthesis (WFS) or near-field compensated higher order Ambisonics (NFC-HOA). There are functions to simulate monochromatic sound fields for different secondary source (loudspeaker) setups, time snapshots of full band impulses emitted by the secondary source distributions, or even generate binaural room scanning (BRS) impulse response sets in order to generate binaural simulations of the synthesized sound fields with the SoundScape Renderer. Download the Toolbox, go to the main path of the Toolbox and start it with SFS_start which will add all needed paths to Matlab/Octave. If you want to remove them again, run SFS_stop.

libspatialaudio - Ambisonic encoding / decoding and binauralization library in C++

  •    Objective-C

libspatialaudio is an open-source and cross-platform C++ library for Ambisonic encoding and decoding, filtering and binaural rendering. It is targetted to render High-Order Ambisonic (HOA) and VR/3D audio samples in multiple environments, from headphones to classic loudspeakers. Its binaural rendering can be used for classical 5.1/7.1 spatial channels as well as Ambisonics inputs. The library allows you to encode, decode, rotate, zoom HOA Ambisonics audio streams up to the 3rd order. It can output to standard and custom loudspeakers arrays. To playback with headphones, the binauralizer applies an HRTF (either a SOFA file or the included MIT HRTF) to provide a spatial binaural rendering effect. The binauralization can also be used to render multichannels streams (5.1, 7.1...).

egg-sofa-rpc - SOFARPC plugin for egg

  •    Javascript

By using the plugin, you can call rpc services provided by other system. ${app_root}/config/proxy.js is a very important config file for rpc client, you should configure the services you needed, then executing the egg-rpc-generator tool to generate the proxy files.