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proxify - Swiss Army knife Proxy tool for HTTP/HTTPS traffic capture, manipulation, and replay on the go

  •    Go

Swiss Army Knife Proxy for rapid deployments. Supports multiple operations such as request/response dump, filtering and manipulation via DSL language, upstream HTTP/Socks5 proxy. Additionally a replay utility allows to import the dumped traffic (request/responses with correct domain name) into burp or any other proxy by simply setting the upstream proxy to proxify. This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

awslambdaproxy - An AWS Lambda powered HTTP/SOCKS web proxy

  •    Go

awslambdaproxy is an AWS Lambda powered HTTP/SOCKS web proxy. It provides a constantly rotating IP address for your network traffic from all regions where AWS Lambda is available. The goal is to obfuscate your traffic and make it harder to track you as a user. Current code status: proof of concept. This is the first Go application that I've ever written. It has no tests. It may not work. It may blow up. Use at your own risk.

microsocks - tiny, portable SOCKS5 server with very moderate resource usage

  •    C

a SOCKS5 service that you can run on your remote boxes to tunnel connections through them, if for some reason SSH doesn't cut it for you. for every client, a thread with a stack size of 8KB is spawned. the main process basically doesn't consume any resources at all.

lightsocks - A Generic Secure Proxy in Go

  •    Go

A Generic Secure Proxy Server. and share this key with goixy. But do not share this key with others.

gsocks5 - Secure SOCKS5 server in Go

  •    Go

Hassle-free and secure SOCKS5 server in the Go programming language. gsocks5 uses go-socks5 library to handle the protocol. UDP isn't supported by go-socks5, so gsocks5 doesn't support that protocol.

Socks5 - A full-fledged high-performance socks5 proxy server written in C#. Plugin support included.

  •    CSharp

Socks5 is a Socks5 proxy server/client written in C#. The server is both high performance and low latency, with maximum throughput thought through. Socks5 includes massive plugin support, for doing things such as sniffing data, modifying inbound/outbound connections, and even giving the server firewall-like functionality.

go-socks5-server - primitive but modern socks5-server with auth

  •    Go

Primitive but modern. Authorization via config (/etc/go-socks5-server.config.json), not via linux PAM.

rvprxmx - A reverse socks5 proxy server and client

  •    Go

This is RvPrxMx, a reverse socks5 proxy server as well as client. It is by no means extensively tested or finished, caveat emptor.

php-socks5 - socks5 proxy written in PHP based on workerman.

  •    PHP

Socks5 proxy written in PHP based on workerman. Now with username/password authentication according to RFC 1929.

go-dispatch-proxy - SOCKS5 load balancing proxy developed in Go, combines multiple internet connections

  •    Go

A SOCKS5 load balancing proxy to combine multiple internet connections into one. Works on Windows and Linux. Reported to work on macOS. Written in pure Go with no additional dependencies. The idea for this project came from dispatch-proxy which is written in NodeJS. NodeJS is not entirely hard disk friendly considering the multitude of files it creates even for very simple programs. I needed something which was light & portable, preferably a single binary without polluting the entire drive.

proxy_admin_free - A powerful web console of snail007/goproxy .

  •    Shell

ProxyAdminFree is a powerful web console of snail007/goproxy . If your VPS is a Linux 64-bit system, you only need to execute the following sentence to complete the automatic installation and configuration.

wssocks - socks5 over websocket

  •    Go

socks5 over websocket. wssocks can proxy TCP and UDP(not implemented currently) connections via socks5. But the socks5 data is wrapped in websockets and then sent to server.

go-bot - a simple reverse connected bot in golang.

  •    Go

a simple backdoor/remote-admin-tool for practice. It's been written in GO to easy cross-compiling static binary for different architectures and OSes. A server run with public IP that can be connected.

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